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Rubén Cerda Attends Bravo Awards Gala with Late Wife’s Best Friend

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Rubén Cerda Attends Bravo Awards Gala with Late Wife’s Best Friend

Rubén Cerda Surprises by Attending Bravo Awards Gala with Late Wife’s Best Friend

During the recent Bravo Awards gala, actor Rubén Cerda caused quite a stir by attending the event in the company of a mysterious woman. This woman, who was soon identified as Cristina, turned out to be the best friend and neighbor of Rubén’s late wife, Teresa Herrero. The actor candidly revealed that he has developed a romantic interest in Cristina, given her close bond with his family for over a decade.

The pain of losing his wife, Teresa Herrero, was shared publicly in November 2022, when she sadly passed away due to complications from liver cirrhosis. Rubén had openly expressed his immense love and appreciation for Teresa, who had been a fundamental part of his life and career. She was also the original promoter of the successful theatrical show, El Show de Sant, in which Rubén played the iconic Santa Claus for years.

More than a year after her passing, Rubén Cerda openly shared with the media the great connection he has with Cristina, Teresa’s neighbor and close friend. He spoke about the special relationship, stating that they have built a great family together, which includes Cristina’s daughters, his children, and himself.

When asked about the possibility of a romance with Cristina, Rubén responded enthusiastically, highlighting her human qualities and the possibility of starting a new chapter in his love life. He recounted how Teresa had entrusted him to Cristina during her illness, and expressed his comfort and excitement at the prospect of resuming his sentimental life with someone who has been so significant in their family environment.

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Teresa Herrero suffered from level 4 cirrhosis, and was in critical need of a liver transplant. Her liver had been damaged for 16 years, and it was known that she also suffered from fatty liver.

The public has been following Rubén Cerda’s journey as he navigates life after the loss of his beloved wife, and they are now excited to see what the future holds for him and Cristina.

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