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Ruiz (ad Mango): «The jackets created with Boglioli strengthen our men’s segment»

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Ruiz (ad Mango): «The jackets created with Boglioli strengthen our men’s segment»

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Few collaborations – compared to the almost exaggerated flourishing of “hybrid” capsules from other brands – but reasoned and included in Mango’s overall strategy, which expects to close 2023 with revenues of over 3 billion. Thus Toni Ruiz, CEO of the Spanish company, introduces the collection of tailored jackets (and not only) created together with Boglioli, Italian excellence in men’s clothing. On sale from October 25, the success of Mango designed by Boglioli has exceeded Ruiz’s expectations.

Toni Ruiz, for Mango

An unusual partnership with Boglioli for a large chain like Mango. Or maybe not?
«I understand that the combination seemed surprising at first, but for me it fits perfectly into the vision we have of Mango and its evolution and in the strong development of the Mango Men line: in 2023 we celebrated 15 years since the launch with very positive. We expect the men’s fashion line to close the financial year with a turnover of over 325 million euros, almost doubling the 169 million recorded in 2020.”

In the last three years you have made more than one change to Mango’s strategies. What is the goal?
«We have always been rewarded for the quality-price ratio and we want it to continue to be this way, but quality can and must always improve. I’m talking about the collections and style offices, but also the store format, the growth of market shares in countries where we are still not very present and new product categories, such as the line of home accessories.”

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Look from the Mango jacket collection Designed by Boglioli

Are you planning new openings of physical stores?
«After emerging from the Covid tunnel, people have certainly rediscovered the pleasure of purchasing unmediated, so to speak, by technology. E-commerce remains important and for Mango Men omnichannel is crucial: there are over 560 physical stores offering men’s collections in more than 90 markets, 80 of which are also supported online. Around 70% of Mango Men’s 2022 turnover is attributable to physical stores, the rest to online. At the end of 2023 we will have almost 30% more dedicated stores compared to 2020.”

How important is Italy for Mango?
«I would define your country as strategic from every point of view. We purchase some raw materials here and have Italian suppliers. And naturally we want to win over more and more customers and we consider this market an important test for all the innovations we introduce. The store on Corso Vittorio Emanuele, in Milan, is among the top five of Mango in the world, in terms of performance. Not bad, considering we have 2,600. But we are about to start renovating the space and the goal is to make it one of the three best Mango stores in the world. I don’t just think about sales per square meter, but about the shopping experience.”

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