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Shanghai Leads the Way: More than 170,000 Moviegoers Enjoy Spring Festival Movie Subsidies

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Shanghai Moviegoers Lead the Country with Over 170,000 Enjoying Subsidies

The Lunar New Year brought waves of moviegoers to Shanghai, as the city saw over 1.3 million people flock to the cinemas on the first and second days of the holiday. This surge in attendance makes Shanghai the city with the largest number of moviegoers in the country during the Chinese New Year period.

To cater to the growing demand for movie-watching experiences, the Municipal Film Bureau launched the “Watching Movies and Celebrating the New Year Lively” 2024 Spring Festival preferential movie-watching activity. This initiative has seen the distribution of over 5 million yuan in subsidies over three days, benefitting more than 170,000 viewers who have enjoyed an immediate discount of 30 yuan on each movie ticket.

The discounted ticket prices have made movie-watching more affordable for citizens, with the average ticket price of 57 yuan being the lowest in recent years. Many viewers have expressed their gratitude for the various preferential movie viewing activities and discounts, making the movie-watching experience more accessible and enjoyable during the festive season.

In addition to government funding, various entertainment companies, including Taopiaopiao, Shanghai Film, Wanda, and Xingyi, have all contributed to the subsidies. This collaborative effort has not only supported government policies but has also seen a significant increase in cinema attendance, with many cinemas becoming the hottest and most popular stores in shopping malls, effectively bolstering business in these districts.

Furthermore, “Produced in Shanghai” films have shined during the Spring Festival, with “Flying Life 2,” directed by Han Han and starring Shen Teng, achieving a box office of over 1 billion yuan in just three days. The film has received critical acclaim and leads the Spring Festival season in terms of reputation and audience engagement.

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Other Shanghai-produced films such as “Let’s Shake the Sun Together” and “Mr. Red Carpet” have also resonated with audiences, with the former expected to see a box office surge during the subsequent Valentine’s Day period.

Overall, the combination of affordable ticket prices and high-quality “Produced in Shanghai” films has made movie-watching a popular and enjoyable activity for citizens during the festive season, further promoting the growth of the movie market in Shanghai.

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