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Take it away!Superstar | Qiao Xin: There will be looks anxious, and Zhu Yilong’s “Peak Burst” is a “dead friendship”_Entertainment

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Original title: Take it away! Superstar | Qiao Xin: There will be looks anxious, and the filming of “The Peak” with Zhu Yilong is an “extraordinary friendship”

Sohu Entertainment News (Shan Jin/Wen Xuan Anti-Ying/Picture) In the disaster movie “Peak Burst”, Qiao Xin played an anchor. On the way to work, he encountered a natural disaster and was trapped in a cave with several other passengers. . Recently, Qiao Xin is a guest of “Hold Away!” “Big Star”, we chatted with her about “Peak Boom”, feelings and facial anxiety.

The shooting conditions of “Peak Burst” were very difficult. It took two hours to walk from the car to the shooting location to go to the mountain for real shooting. I couldn’t see the sun when I was shooting in the cave, entering the cave at dawn and exiting the cave at dark, Qiao Xin said bluntly: “There will be lows in the cave for a few days for a long time.”

But she has her own way of adjusting. On the set, she would watch the movie quietly in her small tent, and sometimes play with the little actor Lu Siyu, “My brother is very happy when he is here, he is a happy fruit, so I think the emotions are still well protected. of.”

Qiao Xin outside the screen gives people a gentle and sweet feeling. She takes feelings very seriously. In the interview, she bluntly said that she would be more involved in love, “Because love is a wonderful thing, if you meet, you can still put more energy into it.” When asked, she wanted to be eighteen. When she said something, she said frankly: “Study hard and fall in love more.”

Qiao Xin said frankly that he would still knock CP. In “Hold Away! In the game link of “Big Star”, Qiao Xin accepted the challenge, watched a few sweet CP videos while “Aunt Laughing”, and bluntly said that she prefers to interact in private, “It’s very happy to watch other people fall in love. This feeling.”

But Qiao Xin also has another side. She said that she is more vigorous and anxious in her life, and there are many times when she is not sweet and tender.

As for the appearance anxiety that every girl has more or less, Qiao Xin also has it. Sometimes, she feels tired recently and lost collagen. But she still prefers who she is now, “Because I think I have more control over my life, and I know how to deal with things better, and my face is not that old, so I think everything is fine. , I am still looking forward to what will happen in the future.”

Qiao Xin now faces choices and is more calm in the future. “I found that many important nodes in my life were not actually made by my brain. It seems that God pushed me away. Life may not be the end. It’s hard to say that it’s the best choice. Just be yourself and move forward, and you will get what you want slowly.”

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Dialogue with Qiao Xin:

It takes two hours to walk to the shooting location

Will be low in the cave for a long time

Sohu Entertainment: Tell everyone about the role played this time!

Qiao Xin: I played the role of an anchor this time. She is a very ordinary passenger on the bus. She actually went to work there, but she encountered a natural disaster on the road.

Sohu Entertainment: There is a scene in the extravaganza of looking for an exit. In the middle of the filming, Teacher Zhu Yilong said that his flashlight was out of power. You gave a particularly true response and the fans made an emoticon pack.

Qiao Xin: Ours is really miserable. We are in a crack, very short, we can’t straighten up at all, we all crawl in it, the ground is full of sand, and I’m in the second one. It means that every time Teacher Zhu climbs a step, the dirt keeps on my face. I would also kick the people behind. I kept talking and videotaping. There was dirt in my mouth and my body was very awkward, and then I felt tired and guilty to shoot quickly. As a result, there was no electricity, and a few of us returned. At that time, a few of us had revolutionary friendship, and one day it was more exaggerated. We walked for two hours just to get to the scene of the filming. It takes two hours to walk from the place where you got off the car to the place where you were shooting. It’s still a mountain road. There are those kinds of climbing up and down and drilling holes to get to the place where you are shooting.

Sohu Entertainment: Do you use a rope when you go in?

Qiao Xin: Some are going to go down, but there is actually no way to go down, so our crew made a box-like thing and hanged us down, which is quite amazing. We had another shot. There was a pond of water in it. It was during the Chinese New Year. It was not long after the Chinese New Year. It was very cold. Because it is equivalent to being underground, there will be a particularly cold feeling. We climbed there with our last strength, thinking that the exit was below, but the result was still wrong. Then a few of us were paralyzed there, very desperate, and my mobile phone was almost out of power.

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Sohu Entertainment: It’s all deadly friendships.

Qiao Xin: Yes, yes, I was really desperate at that moment.

Sohu Entertainment: How do you spend your time while you are filming?

Qiao Xin: Because we have been waiting for a long time. The scene is relatively large, so many things are often coordinated, and the machine has to be tried many times. The signal in the cave is also very poor, there is no signal, so I often download movies and watch movies in my small tent. This way you won’t be so anxious.

Sohu Entertainment: What about the others?

Qiao Xin: Brother Bai Ke seems to be watching football. He loves watching football. Siyu, if I was sleeping, he would come over and quarrel me. Long-term stay in the cave for a few days will have a low, because first of all, you will not see the sun for a period of time. My younger brother is very happy when he is here, he is just a pistachio, so I think the mood is still pretty good.

Love is so beautiful, you will be more engaged when you are in love

There will be looks anxious, but I prefer who I am now

Sohu Entertainment: There was a topic before that Qiao Xin said, “The heartbeat is a little butterfly flying.” In your relationship, do you fall into yourself, such a person in love?

Qiao Xin: I think I am more involved when I am in love, because love is a wonderful thing. If I meet, I can still put more energy into it.

Sohu Entertainment: In the previous interview, it was said that you would go to CP.

Qiao Xin: Yes, I am quite fond of CP. Play script kill with a good friend, she is acting, we are a college graduate or something, there are couples. Then I saw a man and a woman on the opposite side. They caught that kind of CP notebook. When they were talking, I felt that they were still struggling, I hope they will have a good ending. It’s very happy to see others fall in love, and I can’t tell you this feeling.

Sohu Entertainment: Whether you are a girl or an actress, there is more or less facial anxiety. Do you personally have facial anxiety?

Qiao Xin: Yes, I will definitely feel tired recently, or the collagen has been lost. I still have this or that kind of thought. It’s always not pleasing to my eyes. Look at yourself, the more you look, the less pleasing to the eye. However, I now think that there are many female seniors who are our role models. They are in their 40s or even their 50s. Both their careers, their spiritual level and appearance have maintained very well. In fact, You will find that when women reach this age, they actually have their beauty. In fact, our predecessors have helped us walk this way, so you won’t be very anxious. Times are changing now.

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Sohu Entertainment: The predecessors gave a way to deal with it.

Qiao Xin: The current self and the eighteen-year-old self, I still prefer who I am now. Because I feel that I have more control over my life, and I know how to deal with things better, and my face is not that old, so I think everything is fine, and I am looking forward to what will happen in the future.

Sohu Entertainment: Now say something to your 18-year-old self, what would you say?

Qiao Xin: Study hard and fall in love more often.

Sohu Entertainment: Is the gentle appearance and personality his own protective color?

Qiao Xin: Maybe I think I look more sweet, I don’t know, I may not be too sweet today. But maybe I still do things vigorously and vigorously in my life, and I am still anxious to do things. There are also many times that are not sweet and gentle, and maybe I haven’t specially presented it to everyone at this time.

Sohu Entertainment: If I don’t do this, I might get better results. Has there ever been such a moment?

Qiao Xin: Yes. In fact, sometimes, your choices follow your perception, and many of your limitations are due to your personality. But I don’t think it matters, because I think that since I grew up, I was going to the bathroom one day, and I was thinking about all the things in my life, and I was thinking about life. I discovered that many important points in my life were not selected by my brain, as if God pushed me away.

The more you grow up, the more you feel that you think you made the best choice right now, or you look back and think you made the wrong choice, but if you let the bullet fly for a while, you find that maybe that is the best choice. Life may not be at the end, and it is hard to say that it is the best choice. But now I feel that, no matter what the gains and losses are in the face of work or life, I don’t think it matters. Just be yourself and move forward, and you will slowly get what you want. Because life is very long, so it’s okay.Return to Sohu to see more


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