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The 10th Wuzhen Theater Festival: A Celebration of International Drama and Cultural Heritage

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The 10th Wuzhen Theater Festival kicks off

Beijing, China – The much-anticipated 10th Wuzhen Theater Festival, with the theme “Arise,” officially commenced on the evening of October 19th. The founders of the festival, Chen Xianghong, Huang Lei, Lai Shengchuan, Meng Jinghui, along with renowned international theater master, Robert Wilson, and Wilson himself, jointly struck the opening gong on the grand stage of the Wuzhen Grand Theater.

From October 19th to 29th, the festival will host a series of thrilling performances, welcoming international theater troupes once again. A total of 28 specially invited plays from 11 countries and regions will be showcased in 87 performances. Additionally, 18 groups of youth performances will compete for the highly anticipated “Town Award.” The festival will also feature 12 small town dialogues and 12 drama workshops, igniting sparks of thought amongst participants.

Attendees at the festival can expect a myriad of entertainment options. From parade performances to installation art, modern art to improvisation, physical drama to dance, cross talk to circus acts, magic to mime, avant-garde drama to multimedia displays – more than 2,000 ancient town carnivals will be held in all their splendor. Furthermore, there will be 27 readings, six major exhibitions, and various music, movie, trendy toy, and market events. The drama market offers diverse avenues for enjoyment, making Wuzhen a dream space for carnival festivities, from early morning until midnight.

Notably, the festival will also celebrate and showcase China’s intangible cultural heritage. Traditional performances of Peking Opera, Sichuan Opera, Kun Opera, Qin Opera, Cantonese Opera, Lu Opera, Partridge Opera, and String Puppetry will captivate audiences and invite appreciation for the ingenuity and charm of these ancient art forms.

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In a fascinating collaboration, the Universal Beijing Resort will present a series of limited pop-up activities featuring classic characters and popular entertainment performances at this year’s theater festival for the first time. This exciting addition allows more tourists and theater enthusiasts to experience the endless charm of international theme park star characters and entertainment shows, right in the heart of the picturesque Jiangnan Water Town.

The 10th Wuzhen Theater Festival promises to be a magnificent celebration of theater and culture. With an array of performances, exhibitions, and interactive experiences, attendees are sure to be enthralled by the talent and creativity on display.

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