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The Challenge of Mixing Logic and Emotion in Suspense Films: Insight from the Director of “Rescuing the Suspect”

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Zhang Mo is a director with a passion for challenging herself and exploring different themes in her films. Her latest movie, “Rescuing the Suspect,” is a suspense crime film that delves into the complexities of human nature and the choices individuals make when faced with difficult situations.

The film tells a gripping story involving three families and the conflicts that arise as they navigate the thin line between love and law. According to Zhang Mo, the film’s purpose is to highlight the imperfections of human nature. “Although the actions of each parent in the film are extreme or even wrong, I believe that everyone’s actions are extreme and even wrong,” she said, emphasizing the underlying theme of the movie.

As the director and screenwriter of “Rescuing the Suspect,” Zhang Mo paid meticulous attention to the emotional and logical connections in the story, which she believes are essential elements of a successful suspense film. Her goal was to create a narrative that keeps the audience engaged and emotionally invested, leading to an impactful climax.

Unlike many suspense films that prefer open endings, Zhang Mo decided to take a different approach with “Rescuing the Suspect.” She intentionally chose to provide a clear explanation of the story’s events, allowing the audience to fully understand the motivations and feelings of the characters. This decision added an emotional depth that she believed was crucial to the audience’s understanding of the characters’ hearts.

Working with talented actors such as Hui Yinghong and Zhang Xiaofei proved to be a rewarding experience for Zhang Mo. She expressed her confidence in their abilities, stating, “Actors like Hui Yinghong and Zhang Xiaofei, their careers take even longer than me, and they will always give you a quality guarantee.”

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In the end, Zhang Mo’s primary goal was to create believable characters that resonate with the audience. Despite their flaws, the film’s portrayal of the characters’ unwavering dedication and love for their children aims to evoke a deeper appreciation for the complexities of family ties and the human experience.

“Rescuing the Suspect” is a testament to Zhang Mo’s dedication to storytelling and her unwavering commitment to delivering impactful narratives that leave a lasting impression on the audience.

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