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The Controversy Surrounding Xue Zhiqian’s “Flying Life 2” Comments: Are Stolen Photos a Legal Risk?

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Xue Zhiqian Sparks Controversy with “Flying Life 2” Weibo Post

On February 15, Xue Zhiqian took to Weibo to comment on “Flying Life 2” and sparked a huge controversy with his accompanying photo. The post led to the topic word “Xue Zhiqian’s stolen photo” trending at the top of hot search positions.

The controversy arose as some netizens criticized Xue Zhiqian for secretly filming the movie, stating that it is a basic requirement for viewers to refrain from filming during the movie. They argued that public figures should lead by example and not disrespect the movie or the audience.

However, other netizens defended Xue Zhiqian, stating that the photo did not contain any spoilers and was not used for commercial purposes, thus minimizing the need to put it online. Some even admitted that they, too, take photos while watching movies and post them on social media.

In response to the controversy, Xue Zhiqian posted a limerick, seemingly dismissing the criticism.

The question remains – does taking photos while watching a movie and posting them online count as stolen photos? According to lawyer Zeng Wenwen, a partner at Beijing Tianyuan Law Firm, serious infringement of illegal photography can result in up to ten years of imprisonment.

CCTV-6 Movie Channel also highlighted that those who take photos or upload them to social media platforms while watching movies will face legal risks, with the key to infringement being whether the photos are used for commercial purposes.

The controversy has sparked a debate about the ethical and legal implications of taking photos during movies and sharing them online, and has raised awareness about the potential legal consequences. As the discussion continues, it remains to be seen how this will impact the behavior of moviegoers and public figures in the future.

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