Home Entertainment The movie “Red Ship” will be released on July 9. This “Chinese Story” has received rave reviews since it was screened_Hangzhou Net

The movie “Red Ship” will be released on July 9. This “Chinese Story” has received rave reviews since it was screened_Hangzhou Net

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The movie “Red Ship” will be released on July 9. This “Chinese Story” has received rave reviews since it was screened.

On July 9, the movie “Red Ship” officially debuted. Following “1921” and “Revolutionary”, the main theme blockbuster once again aroused the audience’s expectations.

Recently, “The Red Ship” has been screened in Zhejiang, Shandong, Sichuan and other places. The brand-new imaging method and youthful narrative have unexpectedly aroused a large number of hot discussions among young audiences on Weibo: “Good burning” and “surpriseing” “The feeling of being fiercely’planting grass’ by “Awakening Age” is back”…Professionals praised the film’s “righteous, vigorous, vigorous” and “rigorous and artistic tension”.

Movie “Red Ship” poster

The film “The Red Boat” takes the “Red Boat Spirit” as its outline, takes the young Mao Zedong’s perspective and ideological growth as the main line, and interprets from the origin 100 years ago the red boat of the Communist Party of China, which quietly set sail, pierced the vast fog and passed through a hundred years of loneliness. Create world miracles, show shocking Chinese power, and artistically show the birth process and historical inevitability of the Chinese Communist Party. This is the greatest, most thrilling and exciting story in the history of human civilization, and the best “Chinese story” . It is reported that under the background of the upsurge and background of the “Four History” education of party history, New China history, the history of reform and opening up, and the history of socialist development in the whole party, the “Red Boat” movie has become a vivid scene. The live video teaching materials have been recommended for viewing by many provinces and cities across the country.

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The ultimate poster of the movie “Red Ship”

“Red Boat” tells the youth passion and ideal feelings of a group of young people with world-mindedness 100 years ago, so it is also shot for the young people of this era. The history that is both familiar and unfamiliar can arouse the empathy and sympathy of today’s young people. “The Red Boat breaks the ground, the iron bones are unyielding, and the original intention is not afraid of wind and rain. Looking forward to a hundred years, the earth will be happy.” This theme song of the “Red Boat” movie, which is full of youthful melody, rushed as soon as it was launched. Hot searches on Weibo and QQ Music soared. With passionate and full emotions, the song interprets the “Red Boat Spirit” that has been passed down from generations to generations with youthful enthusiasm and enthusiasm. It sings a tribute to the glorious history of a century!

In the old China 100 years ago, the mountains and rivers were shattered and the nation was in danger. In the awakening era, the “red boat” opened up; 100 years later, in the new era, unprecedented changes in the world, the Chinese people have once again awakened, and the “red boat” will lead the course. Will realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. This is the energy and temperature that the film “Red Ship” hopes to give to this era.

The film “Red Ship” is directed by Yang Yang as chief producer, Ye Jinjun as producer, solemn chief planner, Huang Yazhou screenwriter, co-directed by Shen Dong and Wang Deqing, and by Hou Jingjian, Chen Duling, Wang Zhifei, Zhang Tong, Tang Guoqiang , Yu Shaoqun, Yu Haoming, Zhao Ziqi and others co-starred, and also invited the famous musician Dou Peng to compose and young idol Zhang Zhehan to sing the theme song of the same name. Famous singers Lei Jia and Yan Weiwen will also sing for the movie MV “The Red Boat to the Sun”.

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