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The NATURAL BEING Core Launch Conference and New Product Launch Conference was grandly held!The hot scene ignites the enthusiasm for glowing face-China Entertainment Network

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On March 17, 2023, the NATURAL BEING Core Launch Conference and New Product Launch Conference was successfully held in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou. The theme of the conference was “Reshaping the New Future, Radiant Technology“. Many partners gathered together to witness the new NATURAL BEING products born!

The conference was jointly witnessed by eight industry leaders, namely: Mr. Qu Weihao, the founder of NATURAL BEING, Ms. Yao Jinfeng, the professional technical director, Ms. Zhen Qi, an investor in business education, Ms. Yu Fei, a tutor of the business school, Ms. Cole, the president, and Ai Ling, the president Ms. Sister Fen, an expert in actual combat of physical stores, and Amon, an expert in actual combat of chain operation management. The big names showed their housekeeping skills one after another, and shared their thoughts and experiences with the partners at the scene. The atmosphere at the event site was very lively, and the new product launch ceremony reached its climax in heated discussions. During the part of the NATURAL BEING brand declaration, everyone’s eyes were full of determination for the future and recognition of the company. At the same time, they felt the family culture and the atmosphere of unity and love!

Amidst the anticipation and warm applause, Qu Weihao, the founder of the NATURAL BEING brand, delivered a speech. Mr. Qu shared with you the most potential and future new business model, which gave the partners present a real sense of gain. Mr. Qu’s original intention is to bring you new enlightenment in the face of future business changes, and help more entrepreneurs and physical stores through business model sharing and positive energy dissemination.

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Mr. Qu said: “We will usher in new business opportunities and new models, and there will definitely be new opportunities!” Mr. Qu’s speech made everyone in the audience more confident and looking forward to it.

Ms. Yao Jinfeng, the professional technical director, talked with the partners present about the past and the future, and introduced the highlights of this new product to the partners on the scene from a professional perspective. At the same time, it also cuts in from a big perspective, explaining the strategic planning of brand integration in 2023, opening wisdom from the inside out, and opening the door of the heart.

As a professional business consultant and investor, Mr. Zhen Qi, who ranks No. 1 in Himalaya’s[Personal Growth]field, also came to the scene to help launch the NATURAL BEING brand and launch new products together!

Mr. Yang Xu is an “expert” in monetization of short videos. From the perspective of the development of the live broadcast industry, the current monetization model, and the future monetization trend, he gave everyone a crash course in “monetization of short videos” to let everyone understand the meaning of “monetization”. Here’s the trick. Through hands-on teaching, let everyone understand the knowledge points and live broadcast details of Douyin in the shortest time, and open the door to traffic.

At this new product launch conference, the NATURAL BEING Exquisite Rejuvenating Moisturizing Set Box was launched, using the smell of nature to feel the care of the skin and the skin care under the natural breath.

There are various usages, whether it is “daily usage” 28-day periodic use of boxed products, or “SOS first aid usage”, “sleeping mask method”, “body cream method”, you can see the leverage effect in repairing and maintaining stability, helping Recover the good condition of the skin and unlock the charm of high-level skin care!

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Efficacy skin care has entered an innovative era. NATURAL BEING is committed to vegan skin care, awakening beauty naturally, and helping the skin maintain its best condition with natural and clear skin care products.

NATURAL BEING has always insisted on speaking with products, and has been highly recognized by consumers since its launch. Netizens have great expectations for this new product set, and have expressed their love for the NATURAL BEING brand.

NATURAL BEING reshape the new future and new technology, the core launch conference and new product launch conference were successfully held!

As soon as the event ended, I received feedback from fans, all of which are full of expectations for this new product. In 2023, NATURAL BEING will continue to accompany fans from the outside to the inside, and walk with beauty!

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