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The saga of «lost» crashed into the mountains

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Nn 1996 an entire youth women’s football team crashes. A dozen teenage girls, ambitious athletes headed for the dream of the national championship, find themselves having to survive in the mountains of Ontario for 19 months, when they are finally saved by rescuers. Nowadays, twenty-five years later, their lives have taken different directions but it is clear that something terrible has happened in the Canadian woods, which still haunts them, and ritual cannibalism is involved.

Yellowjackets (in Italy almost simultaneously with the USA) is a mix of several things already seen, since Lord of the Flies ad Alive a Lost. The thought goes to the latter in particular, for the continuous alternation between the present time and the events on the island … er, on the mountains, and above all for the continuous allusion to a supernatural that never manifests itself directly. The three episodes sent as an anticipation by the American Showtime, it must be said, are a bit dwarfed by a very slow start and by the suspicion that the allusions will never turn in a clear direction for the story.

And yet there is something promising: the interpretations, certainly, in particular that of Cristina Ricci in the role of Misty, loser at school and in adult life, psychopathic and manipulative, who brings out her true personality right in the face of mortal danger . But there is also the overturning of the dynamics of power in the transition from the school bubble to the wilderness, a widespread irony that lightens, and the genuine desire to understand what the hell happened in those disturbing woods. A little in spite of ourselves, but we want to know where this is headed.

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Ashley Lyle, Bart Nickerson
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