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The second season of “The Lord of the Rings” will be launched in 2024 – American TV series – cnBeta.COM

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The second season of “The Lord of the Rings” will be launched in 2024 – American TV series – cnBeta.COM

The show’s first season came to a close, revealing Sauron’s true colors.The second season will focus on describing the whole process of Sauron’s rise from the source to the rise, and the treatment can be referred to in the first season.ventriloquistGaladriel (spoilers below). It’s a pity that the second season has just started filming, and audiences won’t be able to see it until 2024. The creator, McKay, said that the image of Sauron in the original book is very abstract and powerful enough to not need a physical body.


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In Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” movie, Sauron appeared as the evil eye, but we feel that Sauron has the right to show people a specific image, and the audience will feel that it is worthwhile to witness the whole process of his transformation into the Dark Lord Chase drama.

“Season 1 has given audiences his ‘non-Sauron’ side, we wanted to do some sort of origin film, instead of the (old-fashioned) hunt for Sauron, we wanted to portray him as a master of trickery, cheating Over everyone, and maybe the audience.”

Charlie Weeks, who plays Holbrand/Halbrand, revealed in an interview that he initially played Holbrand with all his heart, and only after the first two episodes was told he wasn’t from. The wandering monarch of the southern land.

At that time, when the epidemic was tight, the production of the show was suspended, and the crew members were bored to pass the day. The creator told him the truth while chatting with Vickers. Only then did he realize that the line “appearances can be deceiving” on the raft had a profound meaning. At the beginning of the audition, he got two lines, the first was the speech of King Richard III of England; the second was the interpretation of “Paradise Lost” in Satan’s tone, and he faintly felt that he might be blackened.

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Some people pointed out that Sauron in the form of Hoerbrand was actually telling the truth, how could he look like a liar? For example, wanting to stay in Numenor as a blacksmith, for example, to apologize to Galadriel, for all that happened, to apologize for the loss of her brother; even to warn Galadriel not to take him back to Middle-earth, to stay All was well in Númenor—to a monarch longing for his homeland, it made no sense; but if it was Sauron who gave the warning, it made sense.

Weeks only tells Sauron’s secrets to her counterpart, actress Morfield (Galandriel). In an interview, he denied that there was a romantic relationship between the two characters. Sauron invited Galadriel to rule the world not because he liked Galadriel, but because of the consideration of power arrangements. He was confident in his demagoguery, and persuading Galadriel to join him would help him speed up his plans to rule Middle-earth.

As for who is Sauron’s strongest opponent, Vickers believes that it is (the great wizard) Istar, who comes from Maiar like Sauron. Elves may be strong together, but they are not gods after all.

Co-creator Payne said that if the first season is likened to “Batman Prequel”, then the second season is “The Dark Knight Rises”, and the creative team can finally let go of writing Sauron’s story: “Maybe some audiences will rise to the occasion. , that’s what the first season is supposed to do! Well, we’ll make it up to everyone in the second season.”

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