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“The Three Evils” Takes Home Best Asian Chinese Film Award at Hong Kong Film Awards

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“The Three Evils” Wins Best Asian Chinese Film Award at Hong Kong Film Awards

In a surprising turn of events, “The Three Evils” took home the Best Asian Chinese Film Award at the recent Hong Kong Film Awards. The film, directed by Huang Jiangfeng and starring Yuan Fuhua, has garnered attention for its unique storyline and impressive performances.

The plot of “Zhou Chu Eliminates Three Evils” follows the journey of Chen Guilin, the third most wanted criminal, as he teams up with Aberdeen and Niu Tou to eliminate harm for the people. The film, which was released in mainland China on March 1, has been a box office success, raking in 660 million yuan and receiving a high Douban score of 8.1.

Director Huang Jingfu expressed his surprise at the film’s newfound popularity in the mainland, despite a lukewarm response in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Producer Huang Jiangfeng, in response to the overwhelming support from mainland audiences, mentioned that the film’s thought-provoking aspects and universal themes have resonated with viewers.

At this year’s Academy Awards, the Best Asian Chinese Film category featured a lineup of topical and socially relevant films, including “Man Jiang Hong” by Zhang Yimou and “Desperate”, a movie centered around electronic fraud. The competition was tough, but “The Three Evils” ultimately emerged victorious, showcasing the talent and creativity of the Chinese film industry.

As the cast and crew celebrate their well-deserved win, they remain grateful for the audience’s support and recognition. With plans to continue creating impactful and beloved works, the team behind “The Three Evils” is excited for what the future holds in store.

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Reported by Hu Guangxin. Images courtesy of Stills and Academy Awards social accounts. Editor: Zhu Fan.

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