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The years are seen on me and on you too

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From the Instagram page ageism is never in style

The years are seen on me and on you too
I’ve reached an age where strangely all my peers look older and only I, miraculously, haven’t changed at all.
In the post: two phenomena related to the topic and one lasting insight. there it is:

Good morning to Jennifer Aniston who joined the club of women who don’t think that “you look good for your age” is a compliment. The limited club includes me, and I assume that some other women do. The British Vogue interviewer who extracted from Aniston the statement that broke the Internet (“It drives me crazy, I can’t stand it”) went ahead and said that she and her friends were having a discussion about the meaning of the phrase . While they would prefer to be told that they look good, period, without the context of seniority, I am listening to the subtext, and the subtext of “you look good for your age” is first of all: you look young for your age. A sentence that is the brother of “You don’t look like a size 46”. What do you mean I don’t look my age or I don’t look a size 46, these are facts, and it’s true that we live in a time when facts have lost their meaning, but what’s the point of arguing with a person who just told us how old he is or what size he wears? That’s how it is, hell is the stranger and sometimes a girl wants to tell strangers that they look good for their IQ.
But I’m surfing when all I wanted was to say that: To say about Jennifer Aniston that she looks good for her age is not to say anything. Jennifer Aniston always looked good. for her age Even when we were in our twenties she looked good for her age and I say that as a girl her age.

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While Jennifer Aniston is complaining about the dubious compliment, on the Instagram page ageism is never in style, they are working to promote the hashtag #ilookmyage. I mean: I look my age. The campaign encourages women to take pictures, state how old they are and declare that they look their age.
The subtext: There is no such thing as “looking my age”, I have lived like this for years (fact) and this is how I look (fact).

As promised, lasting insight:
“You look young for your age” is not a compliment. And I will explain:
1. When people refer to how you look according to my age bar, they are talking about themselves, not about you.
2. When they recognize you as younger than your age they are actually trying to decide if you should advise them or if they can be your guides in this thing called life. Since I have no interest in advice from strangers, all I can do is pray that they will recognize me as an adult or at least as older than them.

A reminder from a past post:
In order not to leave the issue entirely up to luck, there are several things you can do to avoid falling into the “you look young for your age” trap. Detail – which includes linen shirts – in a selection of old posts, for example:
aim high, or: this is how you will look at your age
how old do i look to you
Four years without dyeing my hair, interim conclusions

Well something’s lost, but something’s gained
In living every day

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