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Tips for decorating and getting inspired

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Tips for decorating and getting inspired

You may have already realized that gray has become synonymous with sophistication and modernity, especially when we talk about interior decoration. The color brings a minimalist concept, in addition to being easy to combine with other tones and styles.

Therefore, betting on a gray bathroom it’s a way to be adhering to a great trend and make the environment more elegant and cozy. How about learning how to use color in room decor and get inspired by our tips? Continue reading and enjoy the content!

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Tips for decorating a beige bathroom

Just like the beige bathroom, gray is also an excellent option to expand small spaces (in its lighter tones), in addition to bringing a feeling of warmth and tranquility.

Despite being a colder color, there are several ways you can combine it in your bathroom and still keep it cozy and functional. That’s why we’ve separated some tips for you to take gray to your bathroom. Check below:


You can bet on planned furniture in gray for your bathroom. Take the opportunity to make a modern closet that matches the rest of the decor – be it in a lighter or darker tone. If you don’t want to invest a lot of money, you can find ready-made and modular furniture in department stores already made in gray.


The famous burnt cement is a coatings trend and can be an option to use in the gray bathroom. As for the floor, porcelain tiles have several color options and you can also invest in the marbled effect.

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Because it is a humid environment and that sometimes receives little natural light, invest in a quality material with high durability. In addition, you can bet on a 3D wallpaper with textures that match your decor.

And finally, traditional painting is also an option that never goes out of style. There are even options that can go over the coating, such as epoxy paints.

decoration items

You can run away from the traditional white and use sanitary ware in gray and have an even more modern and differentiated bathroom. In addition, you can use cement vases and bathroom jars in amber – which goes well with gray.

support colors

You can use neutral tones following the gray palette – from the lightest to the darkest – and combine it with black and white if you want something more minimalist. However, as it is a neutral tone, gray will harmonize with other more vivid colors as well, such as green, earthy tones and wood, red, blue, among others.


Finally, bathroom plants are a way to bring more life to the room and make it even more integrated with nature. Understand which plants best adapt in this environment. After all, there are many benefits to growing plants at home.

beige bathroom inspirations

Check out some beige bathroom ideas to get inspired when decorating this room in the house.

Gray bathroom with sophisticated coating that imitates marble Gray marble brings elegance and sophistication. Dark gray brick cladding with modern china Modern and different china for a gray bathroom. Combining gray with white makes the bathroom clean and elegant White and gray is the most classic combination. Black iron accessories for a minimalist bathroom Iron accessories bring an industrial touch to the gray bathroom Wood and dark gray make a great pair Wood is always a joker in decorations with neutral tones. Black and gray for a modern bathroom Black and gray also make a great pairing.

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Marble and geometry in a modern and elegant bathroom

Made marbled in the gray, black and white color palette.

Have a modern and timeless bathroom in your home

A beige bathroom is a timeless and super versatile decoration bet. In addition to being a color that translates modernity and sophistication, gray can also be welcoming and intimate. Here at MeuLugar, you will find more organization tips, neighborhoods and useful tips to make your daily life at home easier.
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