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Urban Emotional Drama ‘Accompany Me with the Sun’ Premieres Tonight on CCTV-8 and Streaming Platforms

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Urban Emotional Drama ‘Accompany Me with the Sun’ Premieres Tonight on CCTV-8 and Streaming Platforms

The highly anticipated urban emotional drama, “Accompany Me with the Sun,” will make its debut tonight at 20:30 on CCTV-8. The show will also premiere on iQiyi and Tencent Video. Ever since the news of the drama’s release broke, it has been trending on various platforms, generating buzz and anticipation. With 349 searches and constant praise like “the screen has movie quality” and “high-end materials,” the series has garnered immense popularity.

As the broadcast date approaches, the series has released a “full-hearted” version of the trailer and “story-painted” character posters. The trailer showcases warm and inspirational growth encounters and funny and witty lines that make the story’s unique and relaxing emotions come to life. The character posters, created in a hand-painted form, freeze moments of emotional germination and accidental encounters between the characters, leaving space for imagination and anticipation.

“Accompany Me with the Sun” is a production by CCTV, iQiyi, Tencent Video, and Xinli TV. It is directed by Song Xiaofei, written by Li Xiao and Jiang Wuji, and stars Xiao Zhan, Bai Baihe, Tian Yu, and Zhu Zhu, with Yuan Wenkang, Liu Xun, Xiang Hanzhi, Wu Xingjian, Han Qiuchi, Yang Haoyu, Wang Lin, and Dai Lele making special appearances. The story revolves around Sheng Yang, a hard-working newcomer designer, and Jian Bing, a well-known advertising director. Their journey is filled with obstacles from family, work, and emotions, but ultimately love helps them overcome the challenges and become better versions of themselves.

The series aims to portray the intimate relationships in the current urban setting. It delves into family life, career growth, and the various emotional struggles faced by people of different age groups. From the test of reality to the hesitations in embracing love, the series explores different perspectives on love, marriage, and life. It presents a contemporary city’s emotional map, showing that everyone has the ability to love and be loved, regardless of age.

In addition to the emotional aspect, “Accompany Me with the Sun” also touches on the challenges faced by workers and entrepreneurs in the workplace. It addresses issues such as difficult superiors, demanding clients, and entrepreneurial bottlenecks. The series presents a comprehensive view of different emotional relationships and growth paths in various scenarios, allowing the audience to immerse themselves fully in the story.

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The first episode, premiering tonight, will introduce the audience to the “community animal” mode of migrant worker Sheng Yang and the sassy woman Jian Bing, who proposes a divorce to her husband Xue Yiming. As the two meet in a restaurant, the atmosphere becomes filled with awkwardness. Viewers are eagerly waiting to see what will unfold between the two and how their story will evolve.

Starting from September 1st, “Accompany Me with the Sun” will be broadcast on CCTV-8, with two episodes airing daily. iQiyi and Tencent Video will premiere the series online, with VIP members receiving exclusive benefits and early access to episodes. Non-members will also have the opportunity to watch one free episode daily. The series promises to captivate the audience with its heartwarming and relatable storyline, making it a must-watch for urban drama enthusiasts.

(Note: This news article is purely fictional and created for practice purposes.)

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