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Using technology to promote innovation in stage art, the fresh and interesting ending of “The Great Adventure of Vowels”-International Online

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Using technology to promote innovation in stage art, the fresh and interesting ending of “The Great Adventure of Vowels”-International Online

The virtual reality game breakthrough reality show “Vowel Adventure” came to a successful conclusion last week. Since the program was launched, it has received a lot of attention, and related topics have also been listed on Weibo’s hot search list 42 times, and Douyin’s hot list 213 times.

Last week, the show ended, and the players participated in the ultimate vowel party in the vowel continent. In order to get the final MVP and become the warrior who repaired the vowel stone, the players fought wits and courage in the game and contributed many hilarious scenes. In the game of guessing lantern riddles, in order to get the chance to answer the questions, Xiao Jingteng used all kinds of tricks to shoot the answering machine, and even disassembled the props on the spot. The color block battle game uses technology to randomly display color blocks on the ground interactive screen, and allows players to find the specified color blocks within a limited time. Facing the messy colored squares, Meng Hetang was instantly “blind” because he couldn’t see the colored squares around him and lost to Xiao Jingteng.

Zhang Yuqi

The program is empowered by technology, and each episode presents a variety of fresh and interesting games to the audience. Whether it is under the blessing of virtual technology, new life is given to common games in daily variety shows through novel forms of human-screen interaction, and classics such as “Color Block Battle”, “Wall of Dreams” and “Flipping Music” have been created. Renovate the game; still use motion capture technology and VR technology to create new and interesting games full of technological sense, such as “Light Wave Wars”, “Tacit Lightsaber”, and “Qianhui’s Gallery”. The program has always used technology to drive the innovation of variety show content, allowing audiences to experience the innovative forms of future entertainment games in advance through variety shows in the current rapid development of digital technology.

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At the end, the players also presented a virtual show feast for the audience, once again taking the audience into the imaginative virtual world. Zhang Yuqi stood on the disc stage on the roof of Yuanyin Continental Building through motion capture technology, and performed the retro and dynamic song “Neon Sweetheart”. Xu Mengjie once again used virtual technology to achieve avatars, and performed the youthful and energetic song “My Future Style” in different styles of virtual rooms. At the end of the show, six players stood in the restored vowel continent through virtual reality extension technology and bid farewell to the show through the song “Give You a Bottle of Magic Potion”.

The program is empowered by technology, combining virtual technology and stage art, allowing GAI and his wife Wang Siran to stand together on the stage of the same locomotive in the 2017 Rap Peak Night Finals to perform the classic work “Journey to the Tiger Mountain”; let Qin Xiaoxian and Xu Mengjie’s virtual People interact across time and space to perform the romantic stage “The Meaning of Travel” full of stories; let Xu Mengjie sing and dance with the blessing of virtual technology, and perform the cool and dynamic singing and dancing stage “TAG” and so on. “Vowel Adventure” uses technology to promote stage art innovation, breaking through the limitations of stage art space and time, allowing the audience to feel the charm of the stage more immersively, and also giving the stage a fuller presentation effect. As Xiao Jingteng said in the program, “The performance form of the virtual show breaks away from the fixed performance mode, and uses virtual technology to activate the wild ideas and creativity in the creator’s mind.”

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Xiao Jingteng

At the end of the show, the players not only bid farewell to the show through the virtual show, but also shared their feelings about the show throughout the season, sending blessings to the end of the show. Qin Xiaoxian expressed his approval of the program through this journey of vowels, expressing “I believe that after the evolution of technology in the future, we can experience different worlds without leaving home like in the program”; I have the best vowel experience in my life”; Xiaogui-Wang Linkai expressed his love for the innovative format of the program, saying that “”Vowlon Adventure” has given us many fantasy journeys that cannot be realized in reality.”; Xu Mengjie in On the show, she formed a deep friendship with Qin Xiaoxian, and thanked “Old Qin for taking me to complete many games”; Zhang Yuqi was still interested in the games in the show, claiming that “I want to buy a set of the same equipment, and enter the virtual space to gain new horizons and experience.” Feeling.”

“Vowel Adventure” relies on solid underlying technology to promote the innovation of variety show content, creating a fresh, interesting and advanced variety viewing experience for the audience.

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