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“Valkyrie” Summer Sale 50% off for a limited time on WeGame platform

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“Valkyrie” Summer Sale 50% off for a limited time on WeGame platform

Sega Co., Ltd. announced that Valkyrie, which is currently on sale on the WeGame platform, will usher in a summer promotion. From August 22 to 31, the PC Chinese version of “Valkyrie” will have a 10-day limited-time 50% discount on Tencent’s WeGame platform! During the event, there will be a one-day limited super-value spike, a rare opportunity, not to be missed! At the same time, in order to celebrate the arrival of the summer promotion, a lucky draw will be held on Sega’s official Weibo and the small black box from today. For details, please refer to the official Sega account of each platform!

After 13 years, the Valkyrie series is still enduring. SEGA carefully crafted, DLC included in one go. Unique gameplay, charming characters, and a battlefield filled with gunpowder smoke. Use your strategy to control the ever-changing battle situation!

The backstory takes place in 1935 in the almanac. The European continent has been split into two great powers, east and west. The autocratic monarchy “League of Eastern European Empires (referred to as the Empire)”, which is fighting for power over the mineral resources Laguna, and the federal Federation of the Atlantic (referred to as the Federation), which has abolished monarchy, are about to go to war. The war spread to the Principality of Gallia, a small and neutral country with armed neutrality. The young girl Alysia and the young Wilkin who met in the small town of Brewer by the border swore to return to their hometown and decided to join the ranks of the Volunteers.

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This is a story that depicts the various thoughts and emotions of the soldiers who are intertwined in the war, and the story unfolds with the new friendship and love born between them as the theme. The truth hidden in the legend “Dalx’s Calamity” and the secret of the Valkyrie wrapped in mysteries are… The gameplay of the game itself adopts an original combat system called ‘BLiTZ’ that combines both strategy and action elements. . Through the interactive advancement of the strategy mode and the action mode, you can freely operate the character actions to repel the enemy troops one by one, and feel the unparalleled on-the-spot experience of galloping on the battlefield.

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