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Vertilizar – Leave It All Behind

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Vertilizar – Leave It All Behind

(c) Patrick Eichmeir

One of the hottest local rock and metal stocks presents its first album: Vertilizar should also be known beyond any Upper Austrian borders. The quartet has released two EPs and several singles so far, and singer Oliver Zinhobl is also known for his participation in ‘The Voice of Germany’, where he presented the band’s own cover of Amy Macdonald’s “This Is The Life”. „Leave It All Behind“ actually manages to confirm all expectations and ultimately uses a sound that is ultimately only superficially old-fashioned.

Musically, Vertilizar move somewhere between alternative rock and metal as well as post-grunge – a direction that was particularly popular in North America around the turn of the millennium and is currently celebrating a small revival. What quickly becomes clear, however, is that although there are some parallels to acts like Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, and even the later KoRn in places, the quartet pulls its own punch. The leaden heaviness of “Weight Of Sorrow” uses dark alternative sounds that would also have been socially acceptable 20 to 25 years ago, scores with intense mood, sheer heaviness and – of course – Zinhobl’s powerful voice that doesn’t let go.

Of course it is also much louder and rougher. Vertilizar have a heart for biting anger, as the Nu-affine “Enjoy Your Suffer” proves. An oppressive bass line, an enraptured vocal performance in the best sense of the word and a proper uppercut in the final act put you in a good mood. “Dust And Shade” sheds its skin in installments, exposes nervous energy and combines power with melody – crisp, direct, brilliant. The opening anthem “WATBY” wrestles with its own heaviness and throws leaden weights around itself, while the lyrics give hope and solidarity, including a massive breakdown.

Above all, “Leave It All Behind” scores points for its unity. The imaginary handle gives you a good 40 minutes as if from a single source, without a weak point, with a common thread and at the same time a lot of variety. Vertilizar have audibly matured further as songwriters, are increasingly doing their own thing and finding a healthy balance of booming, riff-heavy heaviness, thick melodies and rough neck hits in between. The Upper Austrians’ album-length debut keeps what the forerunners promised and should finally allow a new star to rise in the local rock and metal sky.

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Rating: 8/10

Available from: February 9, 2024
Available via: Preiser Records (Warner Music)

Website: www.vertilizar.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/vertilizar

Slider-Pic (c) Patrick Eichmeir

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