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Vidal defines at the end of the month if she is a candidate for president and confessed “shame on others” for the inmate

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Vidal defines at the end of the month if she is a candidate for president and confessed “shame on others” for the inmate

The national deputy of the PRO Mary Eugenia Vidal He pointed out that at the end of April he will define if he will run as a pre-candidate for president to compete in the Simultaneous and Mandatory Open Primaries (PASO) of Together for Change.

“I put myself as a term define it at the end of this month“, said the former governor of Buenos Aires in radio statements when asked if her intention to run for the Rivadavia seat was still valid.

On the other hand, Vidal, who did not obtain the re-election of the province of Buenos Aires and later assumed a bench for the City, criticized the internal party with a view to defining candidacies for the PASO. In this regard he said: “The anxieties are of the politicians, not of the people.”

Vidal criticized the internal party: “It gives me embarrassment”

Former Buenos Aires governor María Eugenia Vidal is emerging as one of the pre-candidates for president of the PRO.

When referring specifically to the inmate of the tripartite coalition that she is part of, the PRO referent was upset considering that political discussions take place in a context of economic and social emergency. “Three candidates, four candidates, one candidate, one ballot box, electronic ballot… What’s up embarrass this discussionbecause meanwhile this thing about the baby happens, in Rosario they kill kids,” he said.

María Eugenia Vidal found out unexpected news in the middle of her wedding with Quique Sacco

“My greatest contribution is what I have been doing since the last year: touring the country, working in Congress with concrete proposals to improve the lives of Argentines, working on a solid economic program for when we have to govern and offering help to the Government today because it is clear that he does not know how to get out of this and the Argentines cannot wait for December 10,” Vidal said in an electoral tone.

Macri Vidal 20230225
From the shared management in the City of Buenos Aires, María Eugenia Vidal maintains a close link with Mauricio Macri.

After noting that Congress has not been able to provide a solution to issues such as the Rental Law, the national legislator stated: “Afterward, let’s not complain that people are angry with politics. There is another Argentina that expects us to live up to it, not that we are a bag of cats that are only interested in discussing charges and what are the rules that will benefit them the most in an election”.

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Survey: Mauricio Macri’s loss benefits Patricia Bullrich and harms Cristina Kirchner

Finally, Vidal referred to the decision of the former president Mauricio Macri to decline his candidacy for president of the 2023 elections and compared the situation with that of the vice president, Cristina Kirchner: “Cristina has no successor unlike Mauricio, who managed to train and promote a generation of leaders.”

“Today the problem with Together for Change is that it has many leaders, not like the Frente de Todos, which has none,” he concluded.


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