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Why is it celebrated today, July 31?

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Why is it celebrated today, July 31?

2023 – STEEL. National Steel Day is celebrated in homage to General Engineer Manuel Savio, creator of the Argentine Steel Mixed Society. He passed away on July 31 but in the year 1948

The steel industry, also known as siderometallurgy, refers to the sector of the metal industry that deals with extracting iron and working it.

Manuel Savio, precursor of the national steel industry. (Web)

More ephemeris

1944 – SAINT EXUPÉRY. At the age of 44, the French aviator and writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, author of The Little Prince, one of the best-selling children’s books worldwide, died when his plane fell into the Mediterranean Sea, near the city of Marseille. the world. His remains were not found.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Antoine arrived in Argentina on October 12, 1929 (AFP)

1958 – ADRIAN OTERO. The musician and singer Adrián Fernando Otero, vocalist of the Memphis blues band La Blusera, was born in Buenos Aires. He recorded fifteen albums, two of them as a soloist.

ADRIAN OTERO. In a live show in 2008. Photo: Télam.

1962 – WESLEY SNIPES. The actor and producer Wesley Snipes was born in the city of Orlando (Florida, USA). He has filmed 52 films, including the three from the action and vampire saga Blade. He has won ten awards from critics and the American film industry.

Wesley Snipes on the red carpet. (AP)

1964 – FABIÁN POLOSECKI. The journalist Gustavo Fabián Polosecki, creator of the successful program “El otro lado”, winner of three Martín Fierro awards, was born in Buenos Aires.

Fabián Polosecki. (revistakirk.com).

1965 – JK ROWLING. The screenwriter and writer was born in the English town of Yate. British Joanne Rowling, author of the Harry Potter wizarding boy saga, which sold more than 500 million copies and was made into a movie.

J.K Rowling.

1970 – MAXI TRUSSE. The electropop musician and singer-songwriter Maxi Trusso was born in Buenos Aires, who published six albums and has more than ten million views of his songs on Spotify.

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The main hypothesis indicates that…

2006 – FIDEL CASTRO. For the first time since the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959, Fidel Castro temporarily delegated to his brother Raúl the presidency of the Communist Party and the Council of State, as well as the head of the Armed Forces. He relinquished command because of “an intestinal crisis” for which he had to undergo surgery, Castro said in a handwritten statement.

The Cuban leader and former president, Raúl Castro, announced that he is resigning as the top leader of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC). The position will be held by the leader Miguel Díaz Canel.

2008 – WATER ON MARS. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa) of the United States confirms the discovery of water in the Planum Australe region, in the icy layer of the south pole of Mars, fourth planet in order of distance from the Sun.

Other ephemeris

1498.- Christopher Columbus discovers the Island of Trinidad on his third voyage to America.

1667.- Treaty of Breda between France, Denmark, England and the United Provinces of the Netherlands.

1826.- The last auto-da-fé of those made in Spain, in Valencia, where the master Cayetano Ripoll was executed as a heretic.

1834.- Carlist Wars: General Espartero wins the Battle of Artazu (Navarra) from the Carlists.

1849.- Hungary loses its independence after the defeat of its troops against the Austro-Russians in Segesvar (Transylvania).

1895.- Sabino Arana founds the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV).

1914.- The French socialist politician Jean Jaurés is assassinated in Paris.

1919.- The Constitution of the German Republic is proclaimed in Weimar.

1926.- An anarchist attacks General Primo de Rivera with a knife in Barcelona, ​​who is unharmed.

1932.- The National Socialist Workers’ Party (Nazi Party) wins the elections in Germany.

1938.-The member powers of the Balkan Pact accept the conditional rearmament of Bulgaria due to the agreements signed in Thessaloniki.

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1942.- World War II: British air attack against Düsseldorf.

1944.- The plane piloted by the French writer Antoine Saint-Exupéry when he was carrying out a reconnaissance mission to prepare for the Allied landing in Provence crashes off the coast of Marseille.

1959.- Dissidents of the EKIN-EGI peneuvista groups form the Euskadi ta Askatasuna, Basque Country and Liberty (ETA), later a terrorist organization.

1964.- The American probe “Ranger VII” is the first American flight to reach the moon. Before hitting the surface, he sent photographs of the satellite.

1968.- The Spanish fashion designer Cristóbal Balenciaga closes his house in Paris and retires from the fashion business.

1971.- First walk on the Moon in a “lunar jeep”.

1982.- 54 deaths, including 46 children, in the city of Beaune in the largest road accident recorded in France.

1988.- King Hussein of Jordan renounces the territory of the West Bank, occupied by Israel since 1967, to favor the creation of an independent Palestinian State.

1991.- The USSR and the USA agree to reduce their strategic nuclear arsenals by 30% at the signing of the START Treaty.

1994.- The Ukrainian Sergei Bubka establishes his last pole vault world record by surpassing the bar at 6.14 meters in Sestrieres (Italy).

1995.- The INI ceases to exist almost 54 years after its creation.

.-The purchase of Capital Cities/ABC by the Disney factory for 19,000 million dollars, the second largest in the history of the United States.

2001.- The US Congress approves a bill that makes the cloning of human beings a federal crime.

2007.- After 38 years, the British Army ends its security operation in Ulster (Northern Ireland).

2008.-Laboratory tests carried out in the exploration vehicle “Phoenix” confirm the existence of water on the planet Mars.

2012.- The American swimmer Michael Phelps becomes the most successful athlete in the history of the Olympic Games by adding 19 medals.

.- Outlook .com, Microsoft’s web-based email service, is introduced for the first time.

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2013.- Robert Mugabe wins the presidential elections in Zimbabwe again at the age of 89 and after 33 in power.

2016.- Yuriko Koike, the first Japanese woman to win the Tokyo government elections.

2019.- The NBC chain reports that Hamza, son of Osama bin Laden and considered one of the current leaders of the terrorist group Al Qaeda, has died according to US intelligence services.


1875.- Gaston Duchamp, French painter known as Jacques Villon.

1854.- José Canalejas, Spanish liberal politician.

1912.- Milton Friedman, American, Nobel Prize in Economics 1976.

1914.- Louis de Funès, French comic actor.

1919.- Primo Levi, Italian writer of Sephardic origin.

1923.- Ana Mariscal, Spanish actress.

1930.- Pedro Lavirgen, Spanish tenor.

1935.- Antonio Ceballos Atienza, theologian.

1939.- Ignacio Zoco, former Spanish soccer player.

1941.- Victor Hayes, Dutch researcher, father of Wi-Fi.

1942.- Juan María Arzak, Spanish cook.

1942.- Jaime Ignacio del Burgo, Spanish politician.

1943.- Francisca Sauquillo, Spanish labor lawyer.

1944.- Geraldine Chaplin, actress born in the US and British citizen.

1974.- Emilia Fox, British actress.


1556.- Saint Ignatius of Loyola, a Spanish religious.

1784.- Denis Diderot, French writer and encyclopedist.

1886.- Franz Liszt, Hungarian composer and pianist.

1944.- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, French escritor.

1972.- Paul-Henry Spaak, Belgian politician.

1981.- Omar Torrijos, Panamanian general.

1990.- Fernando Sancho, Spanish actor.

1993.- Baudouin I, King of Belgium.

1994.- Andrés Townsend Ezcurra, Peruvian, founder of the Latin American Parliament.

2001.- Francisco Costa Gomes, Marshal President of Portugal, after the Carnation Revolution.

2003. Guido Crepax, Italian comic book cartoonist.

2009.- Mary Carrillo, Spanish actress.

2010.- Tom Mankiewicz, American screenwriter and film director.

2011.- Eliseo Alberto, Cuban writer.

2012.- Gore Vidal, American novelist, essayist and screenwriter.

2016.- Fazil Iskander, Russian writer.

2017.- Jeanne Moreau, actress francesa.

2019.- Harold Prince, American theater director and producer.

2020.- Alan Parker, American filmmaker.

.- Eusebio Leal, Cuban historian.

Source: own and agencies.

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