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Why Regi’s loyalty did not remain a secret (Genk)

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Genk –

Regi was going to quietly tie the knot with his Kristel on Saturday, but that plan fell through. “One of our invitations was stolen,” the DJ suspects.

Monday, December 4, 2023 at 9:39 AM

In the Limburghal in Genk – Kristel’s home town – Regi wanted to say yes in the utmost secrecy. That plan failed, because the local press was still waiting for the couple. The Heusdense DJ already has a suspicion how the marriage leaked out. “One of Kristel’s friends received an empty envelope in the mailbox,” he explains in the QMusic morning show. “The wedding invitation was missing and the wax stamp we used to seal the envelopes was visibly re-sticked together. The logo with our names on it was also no longer visible. So some bad guy stole our invitation,” Regi says.

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Harry and Meghan

After the incident, the couple already suspected that they could no longer keep their legal marriage a secret. “That’s why we had umbrellas made to keep the paparazzi at bay,” says the DJ. “With our names on it, just like Harry and Meghan.” Only Regi and Kristel forgot the umbrellas at home on their most beautiful day. “Luckily they are very beautiful and we will now have them for the rest of our lives.”

That couldn’t ruin the day for the couple either, Regi feels “fantastic” as a married man. Although he was a bit worried beforehand that something would go wrong. “I was afraid Kristel wouldn’t show up, the runaway bride complex,” he admits. “So I’m very happy that she said ‘yes’.”

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The big fairytale wedding is on the calendar early next year. “That will take place in South Africa,” Regi confirms to the radio station.

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