Home Entertainment Xie Na’s second child gave birth to a boy and a girl, Xie Na had gestational diabetes during her second child – Xinhua English.news.cn

Xie Na’s second child gave birth to a boy and a girl, Xie Na had gestational diabetes during her second child – Xinhua English.news.cn

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Xie Na’s second child gave birth to a boy and a girl, Xie Na had gestational diabetes during her second child – Xinhua English.news.cn

On February 1, 2018, Xie Na gave birth to twin daughters. On the same day, she and Zhang Jie posted photos on social platforms to announce the good news and received the blessings of many netizens.

However, Xie Na gave birth to her second child last year, but she changed the high profile of the past, and there was no official announcement until the end of the confinement period and when she returned to the stage of Happy Base Camp, she announced to the outside world that she had given birth to a second child and a daughter, called “” Little Bud”.

Xie Na’s fans are very worried about whether something happened in the middle. Sure enough, in Xie Na’s recent book, she mentioned her experience of giving birth to a second child.

Xie Na shared many photos of her pregnancy with her second child in the book, and revealed that she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during her pregnancy. At that time, she couldn’t believe the result, because she had not had the disease when she was pregnant with twins before. Xie Na also revealed that when she heard the doctor said that it would affect the child, she immediately fell into anxiety. Fortunately, with Zhang Jie’s warm comfort by the side, her mood could be calmed down a little.

But the result was good. Through the dietitian’s diet control and real-time monitoring, Xie Na and her daughter were safe and healthy in the end.

Xie Na revealed in the book that “Xiao Yuya” was born with five pounds and eight taels, while Tiaotiao and Qiaoqiao were five pounds sixty taels and five pounds seven taels respectively.

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The book also wrote that Xie Na had a caesarean section, and Zhang Jie was always by her side during the operation, and showed her the videos of Tumbling and Qiaoqiao to help her divert her attention. However, Xie Na still vomited for a while during the operation. Zhang Jie hugged her head nervously, hoping to make Nana feel more comfortable. Later, the doctor helped her “go through the difficulties” with medicine.

The book also mentioned the matter of Zhang Jie cutting the umbilical cord. Previously, Zhang Jie was reluctant to cut the umbilical cord because he thought it was the flesh connecting Xie Na and the child, and was worried that they would hurt. However, when the second child was born this time, Zhang Jie was willing to cut the umbilical cord by himself, which may have been done with the first child. mentally prepared. After the cut, he proudly compared the scissors.

However, due to the inhalation of some amniotic fluid in the lungs of “Xiao Yuya”, the shortness of breath required oxygen inhalation, and the child was sent to the incubator not long after birth.

Xie Na and Zhang Jie originally thought that the child could be brought back the next day, but “Xiao Yuya” did not fully recover until the fifth day, during which the couple were very worried.

However, the doctor told Xie Na that the child had high jaundice, so Xiao Yuya stayed in the incubator for 2 more days. Xie Na admitted that her mood was greatly affected. During the period, she insisted on visiting her child every day. In order not to affect the secretion of breast milk, Xie Na worked hard to adjust her mood and saved precious colostrum for her daughter. Barely able to eat.

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Fortunately, everything has passed, and I have experienced all of the above. Today’s “Little Bud” is very healthy and has the caring and loving care of my parents.

Xie Na also published the letter she wrote to celebrate Xiao Yuya’s first birthday in the book. From this point of view, she announced the good news in September, but the child was born before July.

There is also a picture next to the letter. In the picture, Zhang Jie is playing the guitar, and his daughter is lying in front of his father. The picture is very heartwarming.

Xie Na felt that she had let her daughter go through these “sufferings” and felt very guilty in her heart, so she made up her mind to breastfeed “Xiao Yuya” for a longer time to “make up for her debt”.

Xie Na said that it was a blessing to be recognized for her work in the past. But now her happiness seems to have changed. Happiness is to accompany the children to grow up. She said that her workload will be greatly reduced in the future, and she will spend more energy on the children.

Over the years, Xie Na, who has brought joy and laughter to everyone, now has three lovely daughters. Fans hope that she, Zhang Jie, and three babies will always be healthy and safe, and be able to do well in family and life. Good role model.

Original title: Xie Na shared the experience of giving birth to a second child. Xiao Yuya lived in an incubator for 7 days when she was born

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