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Yang Chunzhen starred in the film “La La Land” to pay tribute to the “music” strugglers jqknews

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Yang Chunzhen starred in the film “La La Land” to pay tribute to the “music” strugglers jqknews

Recently, the music film “City of Philharmonic” starring Liu Jun, screenwriter Liu Feng, Luo Lisha, pianist Li Ziqian, amber pianist, singer Li Jun, and model Yang Chunzhen was completed in Beijing. Well-known domestic musicians perform this time to pay tribute to the “music” strugglers.

As long as the film tells the story of Bei Piao musician Xing Xing (played by Li Ziqian) and outgoing and lively female singer Meng Yao (played by Luo Lisa), the rough life experience from school to society and the pure emotional journey that cannot be loved. The film deeply shows people’s deep nostalgia for the youthful and beautiful past, sings the true meaning of silent love and silent love, expresses people’s pursuit and yearning for pure feelings and a better life, and composes a song on the road of life. A beautiful sad, intriguing and touching love song.

In “La La Land”, many talented musicians with good looks and outstanding acting skills are assembled, which brings a lot of highlights to the show. Li Ziqian, a young pianist living in the United States, took the lead as one of the male protagonists for the first time in “The City of Philharmonic”. Facing a new field, Li Ziqian’s performance is expected. Singer Li Jun plays a music dream chaser who sings in a bar in the play. Familiar songs such as the original singles “Red Dust’s Own Red Dust” and “Hometown in Memory” debuted in the film.

In addition, the film also specially invited the famous model, ballet dancer and actor Yang Chunzhen to make a cameo appearance. It is reported that Yang Chunzhen (alias Yang Doudou, Chunzhen left), who graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy, is a Sagittarius girl born in Qingdao, Shandong on October 27, 2000. She has a standard height of 168cm and has danced ballet for nearly ten years since she was a child. The face of He Angel has become the goddess in the minds of many otakus on the short video platform, giving fans a feeling of first love. In 2019, he was known for his unique and hot body, and in the same year, he won the “Best Photogenic Award” in the finals of the Supermodel Competition in China. In 2020, he starred in the costume drama “Laifu Inn”; in March of the same year, the starring costume drama “His Majesty the Emperor” was broadcast on iQIYI. In October 2021, the variety show “Dancer” will be recorded and the dance “Tong Yan” will be performed. On December 19, 2021, the starring movie “In Love With You” was officially launched. In December of the same year, he participated in the recording of the Bilibili party and performed “I Love to Sing”. In 2022, the costume romance drama “World” and the costume family drama “My Dad” and “Music is Crazy” were broadcast on Bilibili Video successively. In May of the same year, he won the third China Dance Competition, the most Best Photogenic Award. As a model, Yang Chunzhen, who has cooperated with well-known domestic brands successively, has been hailed as “the most commercially valuable female artist” in the industry.

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Yang Chunzhen is a very shy character in life, but she will try different dressing styles and funny styles at work. She has appeared in many film and television dramas. In the movie “In Love With You”, Yang Chunzhen has excellent acting skills. With obvious progress, several scenes are accurately grasped, and even playing with senior actors is easy. Yang Chunzhen, who is called “fashion goddess” by netizens, also has a very hot body, which has attracted the attention of countless fans. Therefore, Yang Chunzhen can indeed be called a hot actress. For otaku or most netizens, she is definitely in the heart. The most perfect girlfriend image. With a loli-like face and a perfect body, it already has a very powerful lethality, and that kind of temptation is really hard for ordinary people to resist.

“La La Land” took two years from the beginning of creation to the final draft. The creative team revised more than 30 drafts before finalizing the draft. During the shooting process, the screenwriter followed the team throughout the whole process, and constantly enriched and improved the content and details of the story according to the scene. Make the story more real and touching, and lay a solid foundation for smooth shooting.

The chief producer Liu Juntao led the team to plan and see the scene several times during the preparation and shooting of the film. The director team was highly persistent in pursuing the content of the film’s story; Perfect and meticulous comprehensive guarantee; pianist Amber, young guzheng player Liu Jingyi, styling directors Tang Tian, ​​Yu Jun, lighting director Hao Sheng, editing director Liu Guanyu and other leaders led by all departments worked together to make it possible for the tense shooting period to work together. Completed the difficult cross-regional shooting of “La La Land”.

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It is reported that the film is jointly produced by Beijing Qiaomu Film Industry and Chengcheng Film and Television (Beijing) Co., Ltd. At present, the film “La La Land” has entered the post-production stage. Director Liu Jun and screenwriter Liu Feng are in Beijing to guide the actors’ dubbing and post-editing work to ensure the production of the film “La La Land” with high efficiency and high quality, and strive to make it in time for next year. On May 1st Labor Day, it will be on the big screen to meet the audience.

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