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Zhao Benshan celebrates his wife’s 56th birthday, a family of four, a rare picture with a frame of love and warmth_Ma Lijuan

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Original title: Zhao Benshan celebrates 56th birthday for his wife

October 29th was the 56th birthday of Zhao Benshan’s wife Ma Lijuan. Daughter Qiuqiu updated a post on social platforms with a post: “Happy Birthday to Mother Always Young” and posted two group photos, which subsequently sparked heated discussions among netizens.

On that day, Zhao Benshan rarely appeared on the scene, celebrating his wife’s birthday. The birthday scene was very warm, filled with balloons, and the family of four were tacitly showing their hearts to the camera. The picture was very warm and loving.

Uncle Benshan that day may be happy to drink some wine, his cheeks are slightly red, and he is in a trance. The 64-year-old is now in a state of gray hair, so he is obviously very haggard.

Ma Lijuan, Zhao Benshan’s wife, looked very good. Although she was 56 years old, her skin was still tight and her complexion was very young and ruddy. The ball is still online, just watching the black circle heavier, may be busy live broadcast and bring the goods and did not rest well.

Zhao Yinan gained another lap, and it seems that this weight-loss training camp did not make him lose much.

There is also a photo of Qiuqiu with her mother. Ma Lijuan wears a crown and smiles very brightly. With the company of her wife and children, her face is full of happy smiles.

Some netizens left a message to see that Zhao Benshan’s old appearance was a little distressed, and persuaded him to dye his hair black. This would make him significantly younger and improve his mentality. But Qiuqiu said that his father wanted natural beauty, so he didn’t like dyeing his hair.

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As a well-known comedian, Zhao Benshan is known as the king of comedy in Northeast China. He has often appeared on the Spring Festival Gala performances and brought a lot of joy to everyone. What I look forward to most every 30 nights is to watch Zhao Benshan’s sketches. In 2013, Zhao Benshan announced that he would officially withdraw from the Spring Festival Gala stage, leaving more opportunities and space for more young people. In recent years, he has gradually faded out of the screen and changed his behind-the-scenes work to prepare for “Rural Love” and “Liu Laogen”. Wait for film and television drama, occasionally appear in his own work.

Zhao Benshan and Ma Lijuan have been married for 29 years, and they are still very affectionate. Zhao Benshan had a marriage before meeting Ma Lijuan and had two children. However, because of emotional discord, they broke up peacefully in 1991 and negotiated a divorce.

The combination of Zhao Benshan and Ma Lijuan was also due to a car accident. Zhao Benshan had a car accident during a performance. Ma Lijuan was a young opera teacher at the time. The two also performed together on the same stage. During Zhao Benshan’s hospitalization, Ma Lijuan took care of him in the hospital. People therefore become attached.

After the two got married, they gave birth to a pair of twins, Zhao Benshan performed outside, and Ma Lijuan was the woman behind Zhao Benshan with her husband and son at home. Provoking the burden of raising two young children, Zhao Benshan’s achievements today cannot be separated from Ma Lijuan’s silent dedication.

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Now Ma Lijuan often accompanies her daughter to broadcast live games. She is in good condition in all aspects. I wish her a happy birthday and hope that Uncle Ben is healthy and can continue to bring joy to everyone.

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