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Zheng Kai Zhang Guoli Lin Feng Gao Ran staged a black and white duel

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Zheng Kai Zhang Guoli Lin Feng Gao Ran staged a black and white duel

2021-12-02 19:17:20Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network reported that the criminal policeman Ji Fan played by Zheng Kai was involved in an old case 27 years ago when investigating a serial murder case. As the investigation deepens, he slowly uncovers the “secrets” hidden behind the case, and the relationship with his father Ji Tingshan (played by Zhang Guoli) and his brother Ji Ping (played by Lin Feng) will also face great challenges. A few days ago, the suspenseful criminal investigation drama “Also Ordinary”, which was produced by Gao Qunshu and directed by Han Bowen, starring Zheng Kai, Zhang Guoli, Lin Feng, and Chong Danni, and Lv Liang and Lin Xue, was released. It was announced that it would be December 6th. It started broadcasting on Dragon TV.

In the fixed-file film released today, a sudden “subway homicide” broke the calm of Linghai City, and also plunged Ji Fan (played by Zheng Kai), who went to the police station to report on the first day, into “suspicion.” Whirlpool. In the process of solving the case with colleagues from the police station, Ji Fan’s suspicion of his older brother Ji Ping (played by Lin Feng) gradually deepened. Interpol Captain Xiong Zhennan (played by Zhang Danni) said, “You won’t really treat your brother as a suspect. “Let’s go” makes the relationship between the “Ordinary” brothers even more misty. As the president of Sifang Logistics Group, Ji Ping, played by Lin Feng, also showed an unknown side. When he came to his father Ji Tingshan (played by Zhang Guoli) aggressively, “questioning” his father, “I don’t know why you murdered in my name. When the father said “Don’t let your brother see anything”, it also paved the way for the suspense of the plot, and the relationship between the father and son also attracted strong attention from the audience. In the dangerous process of solving the case, the fate of Ji Fan’s character is tightly bound with his colleagues in the police station and his father and brother, and a battle between justice and evil is about to begin.

Zheng Kai plays Ji Fan.jpg

In the play, Zheng Kai changed his previous image and vividly interpreted a criminal policeman with rigorous logical reasoning ability; since the urban drama “Long Time No See”, Zheng Kai and Zhang Guoli “renew the relationship between father and son” interpret the relationship between father and son. The role of Zhang Guoli in the play also breaks the image of a gentle, loyal and kind father in the past. He plays a character who is elegant and kind on the surface, but is insidious, cunning, and has a strong sense of contrast. He will definitely bring a brand new experience to the audience. Ji Ping, played by Lin Feng, is also in contrast with the actual image. On the surface, he is a successful gentleman boss, but in fact he has “two faces”. His life experience will become a breakthrough in the “serial murder case.” Become a major highlight of the play.

Zhang Guoli plays Ji Tingshan.jpgLin Feng as Ji Ping.jpg

“Also Ordinary” has been invited to deeply cultivate suspense themes for many years. He has directed “The Wind”, “Conquer”, “Tokyo Trial”, “Detective Hunter Zhang” and many other masterpieces. In addition, the play is directed by Cai Tao, who has filmed many films such as “Twenty-two” and “Blizzard Coming”; Li Dapeng, who has participated in the art work of blockbuster films such as “Jinyiwei” and “The Great Wall”, served as the art director.

As the first large-scale action suspense crime drama approved by the Ministry of Public Security in China, “Also Ordinary” is cut from the perspective of criminal police, not only portraying the spirit of fearlessness of public security groups in the face of danger, but also their psychology and life. It is portrayed in many aspects, such as life style and pyrotechnic presentation, which narrows the distance with the audience.All-media reporter Zhang Jing of Xi’an Press


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