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Zhou Chuanxiong Music Festival debut finale sang 40 minutes full chorus detonated Chengdu wheat field_fan_song_stage

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Zhou Chuanxiong Music Festival debut finale sang 40 minutes full chorus detonated Chengdu wheat field_fan_song_stage

Original title: Zhou Chuanxiong Music Festival debut finale sang 40 minutes full chorus detonated Chengdu wheat field

The Chengdu Ryefield Music Weekend was held in March when everything was recovering. On the night of the music festival, Zhou Chuanxiong made his finale appearance and sang eight classic songs including “Flower Fragrance”, “Twilight” and “Lonely Sandbar Cold”, pushing the atmosphere to a climax. Zhou Chuanxiong, who debuted at the music festival for the first time, used his singing voice to interact enthusiastically with the fans in the audience. The 40-minute full-length chorus was shocking and brought tears to his eyes. The meaning of the Ryefield Music Festival is still unfinished, and more fans are looking forward to the “Never Forget” tour site. Today, the first priority purchase at the Ningbo station was sold out in ten seconds.

The “Original Soundtrack” of the first music festival detonated the wheat field

The music festival is new to Zhou Chuanxiong. The stage is more open, the venue is more free, the distance is closer, and the shouting is more enthusiastic… Zhou Chuanxiong, who made his debut at the Ryefield Music Festival, did not show restraint or abnormal performance. With the thunderous countdown from the audience and the cheerful rhythm of “Flower Fragrance”, Zhou Chuanxiong took the stage freely and interacted enthusiastically with the audience fans. The atmosphere reached the high point from the beginning. Similarly, the music festival is enjoyable for Zhou Chuanxiong, enjoying singing with the audience, enjoying the music and calls one after another, enjoying the hot atmosphere and joking… Eight songs are sung consecutively, and Zhou Chuanxiong has always maintained a high-quality voice. The linear texture, on top of the delicacy of the CD, the natural reverberation and the full injection of emotion on the scene made Zhou Chuanxiong’s live icing on the cake. Even during the rehearsal, some netizens mistook his live singing for the venue to play his songs. About Detonating the stage, Zhou Chuanxiong’s singing ability should not be underestimated.

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Full chorus music youth from the post-60s to post-00s

Zhou Chuanxiong’s live chorus on the stage was full-court and the whole process. In the 40-minute music festival, almost every song can be sung by the whole audience, which shows the classic degree of Zhou Chuanxiong’s songs. When singing the masterpieces of “Blue Flower”, “Twilight” and “Lonely Shazhou Cold”, the chorus on the scene was uniform and resounded throughout Chengdu Happy Valley. Zhou Chuanxiong never hesitated to pass the microphone in his hand to the fans, and even added the repetition of the chorus to the arrangement of “Twilight” on the spot, immersing himself in the melody with the fans in the audience. From the beginning of the stage, Zhou Chuanxiong’s music festival scene spread all over the Internet. Netizens lamented the warm atmosphere and moving chorus. #周传雄直播40分钟大chorus# also rushed to the top of the entertainment list, and the live video once again dominated screen social platform.

In the interlude between the two songs, Zhou Chuanxiong asked the fans at the scene, “Are you all born in the 00s? Are you born in the 90s?…” When asked all the way to the post-60s, he said “Don’t lie to me”, but the same Indeed, the shouts from the audience are enough to prove that Zhou Chuanxiong’s songs belong to several generations. When it comes to Zhou Chuanxiong, people will always say “classic” and “the godfather of love songs”, but classics have never restricted Zhou Chuanxiong’s footsteps towards “young”. Bringing the youth of countless people to the youth of more people, this is the music called “Zhou Chuanxiong”, which always has a sense of story.

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Two-way rush to look forward to seeing you again

In the concept preview of the new album, Zhou Chuanxiong said that there are two things he will never forget, one is music and the other is fans, and he has always used his songs and actions to prove his never forgetting. When “Twilight” sang to the chorus, Zhou Chuanxiong picked up his mobile phone, recorded the chorus of fans at the music festival, and posted it on his social account that night, with the text “Thank you for coming to sing together”. After the group photo was over, the audience in the audience called for Zhou Chuanxiong to encore, and he really came back amidst the calls, and sang another song “Lonely Shazhou Cold”. At the climax of the song, Zhou Chuanxiong couldn’t help shouting “All Let the world sing together”, the loud chorus of “Who should I miss in the lonely sandbank” can’t help but make people cry.

The stage of the Chengdu Station of the Ryefield Music Festival ended in this chorus full of emotion, and the new stage is about to usher in the beginning. On the eve of the music festival, Zhou Chuanxiong just officially announced his 2023 tour “Never Forget”. He will take this tour to more cities and sing more stories with more fans. Today’s “Unforgettable” tour also ushered in the first ticket sale in Ningbo Station. The priority purchase platform sold out in ten seconds. Let the singing sing for us to write and never forget, to relive the excitement of youth.Return to Sohu to see more

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