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A 70 m2 fitness area joins the public gardens

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A 70 m2 fitness area joins the public gardens

Technogym Sponsors New Fitness Area at Montanelli Gardens in Milan

A new fitness area is set to be installed at the Montanelli Gardens, also known as the Public Gardens, in Milan. The project is still in its initial stages but a sponsorship proposal from Technogym Spa has caught the attention of Municipality 1 of Milan.

Technogym Spa, a leading company in the production of sports and leisure equipment, has offered to sponsor the installation of a 70 square meter calisthenic island at the gardens. The area would include a wall bar, rings, bars, parallel bars of different heights, as well as other fitness equipment. The sponsorship would last for three years, with Technogym’s support ensuring the maintenance and upkeep of the area.

The proposal has received a favorable opinion from the council of Municipality 1, who see the outdoor fitness area as a way to promote healthier lifestyles and increase the use of public spaces. They believe that the addition of the fitness area would attract more visitors to the gardens, especially in the evening and night hours, and create a more social and playful atmosphere.

The previous fitness structure at Montanelli Gardens was removed in July 2023, making way for the new calisthenic island sponsored by Technogym. The company’s offer is seen as a positive step towards promoting fitness and wellness in the city, and it is expected that the project will soon be implemented for the benefit of the community.

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