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AIFA Withdraws Famous Hypertension Drug: Check if it’s the One You Use

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AIFA Withdraws Famous Hypertension Drug: Check if it’s the One You Use

The Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) has issued an order to withdraw a well-known drug used for treating high blood pressure from the market. The decision was made due to concerns regarding the quality of the product, as stated in an official press release from AIFA.

The drug in question is called PARVATI, specifically in its 5 mg formulation, and is manufactured by Neopharmed Gentili SpA, located in Milan, Italy. The withdrawal of the drug was a precautionary measure, and the announcement was made by the Neopharmed company itself. It has been discovered that a certain batch of PARVATI, which is used for hypertension treatment, has a quality defect.

The specific batch of the recalled medicine is identified as “PARVATI 5 mg + 5 mg” AIC n. 043323027, with lot number 230998 and an expiration date of 04/2026. According to the official publication, this batch was likely declared defective due to the lower quality of the product. The Neopharmed company has initiated the withdrawal, which will be verified by the Carabinieri Command.

Individuals who are currently undergoing treatment with this particular medicine are advised to contact their doctor if they have any doubts or concerns.

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