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Android 13 new features exposed! “Open web page” to operate mobile phone on PC and Mac computer

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Android 13 new features exposed! “Open web page” to operate mobile phone on PC and Mac computer

(Picture / Retrieved from 9To5Google)

The foreign technology website “9to5Google” found that Google launched the first beta version of Android 13 just last week. Operate the app on your Android phone.

In terms of operation, “9to5Google” pointed out that it is mainly through a special browser application, and then the application on the mobile phone can be “live streamed” in the form of a web emulator. Although it is connected through a long distance, the operation is still quite smooth, as if the App is built directly on the computer.

In addition, “9to5Google” also said that it was originally thought that it was just a mirror image of the mobile phone screen, but in actual operation, each App will become a separate window screen, just like an independent App. For communication software, it can also be clicked with a mouse. , dragging, or typing to reply to a message, there will only be a button menu in the lower left corner, and all apps installed on the phone will be displayed after clicking.

There is no limited app for this function, as long as it is installed on the mobile phone, it can be activated, and the notification on the mobile phone will pop up on the right side of the webpage screen, which is equivalent to using the computer to operate the mobile phone. Also because this function is used through the browser, including Windows PC, Apple’s Mac, or Linux can be easily used, expanding the seriality of Android phones.

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As for Google’s own ChromeOS, it has been further integrated, there will be independent applications, and the overall operation will be more embedded in the system, without having to go through a browser, but “9to5Google” pointed out that the current related experience and functions, on the contrary, There is no web version.

In addition, if you want to use this function, only Google Pixel phones can support it on the mobile phone, but after the official launch at the end of this year, it remains to be seen whether it will still only be an exclusive function of Google phones.

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