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Arrested the suspect in the murder of Anna Scala, the woman found dead in the trunk in Piano di Sorrento

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Arrested the suspect in the murder of Anna Scala, the woman found dead in the trunk in Piano di Sorrento

The man suspected of having killed Anna Scala in Piano di Sorento, the woman found dead in the trunk of the car, was stopped and taken to the barracks in Sorrento. The man was identified in an inaccessible area, near where he had hidden the scooter with which some witnesses had seen him leave the scene of the murder. The discovery of the body took place shortly after half past noon today 17 August in a condominium area in via San Massimo. The victim, Anna Scala, was 56 years old. She was originally from nearby Vico Equense. The Carabinieri have made the victim’s name official. According to reports, the woman has several stab wounds to her back. The blade that was probably used for the crime was found near her body. A find that could help locate the killer faster. And so the first hypothesis came forward, awaiting confirmation, which attempts to reconstruct the mystery and sees a possible feminicide on the horizon. From the first testimonies collected and from the verifications of the images of the video surveillance systems, the femicide could have been the 50-year-old ex-partner of the victim, who had been reported by the woman for stalking in recent months. In addition to the fact that the 50-year-old threatened the victim several times, also destroying the wheels of the car.

The first reconstruction

According to initial reports, the woman was opening the trunk of the car when a man dressed in black approached her and stabbed her several times in the back. The man then allegedly took the woman’s body and hid it in the trunk. Finally, the attacker would have fled on a scooter. In support of this thesis, there are the testimonies of some residents who heard the screams of the victim and saw a man running away. The Carabinieri of the Sorrento company have arrived on the spot and are investigating the matter.

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The testimonies of the condominiums: “First the screams, then a man on the run”

“We were down in the garage to check on the building’s work when we heard heartbreaking screams, we thought of an argument, after which the screams became even more heartbreaking and at that point we decided to go and see. The scene we found ourselves in front of was terrible», says a condominium of the complex of buildings in Piano di Sorrento. “We went for a run and as we walked up the last ramp we asked: who is there? At that point a voice told us to hurry. When we arrived we saw something scary. This woman stabbed inside the hood of the car», continues the woman reconstructing the following moments.

The cap of the alleged attacker

«There was a slipper on the ground, he had his face covered perhaps in an attempt to defend himself, it was terrible. Whoever called us told us that they heard screams and entering the garage saw the body but did not see who did it… Instead a lady from the building opposite saw a man running out, dressed in black, trousers and black long-sleeved shirt, with a fisherman’s hat, a dagger in the bloodstained hand that ran». And it is at that point that the husband of the condominium who had appeared took the motorbike to chase him, but without succeeding. Continuing the search, however, he found a hat on the ground, in the San Liborio area. Cap that the carabinieri have recovered. The name of the victim has not yet been made official pending the end of the findings of the coroner on the spot with the magistrate on duty and for all family members to be informed. However, the authorities believe they are on the trail of the killer.

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Mayor’s words

The mayor of Piano di Sorrento, Salvatore Cappiello, intervenes on what happened. “We are saddened and shocked. The terrible crime that took place today in our city is an act of unprecedented madness. I want to express, from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of the entire community, our condolences to the family of the victim,” he says. “The investigators – concludes the mayor – are working tirelessly to clarify and we are providing the maximum possible collaboration also with specific reference to the municipal video surveillance footage through the Municipal Police Command”.

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