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At Maugeri in Pavia ‘cure for the soul’ with shots in the ward – Medicine

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At Maugeri in Pavia ‘cure for the soul’ with shots in the ward – Medicine


(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 26 – Beauty cures: it relieves suffering, stress and anxiety. Science says that even single elements are important for improving the psychological conditions of patients and their families. With these premises, ‘Soul Care’ was born, a project that involved all the healthcare personnel of the Maugeri Boezio Scientific Institute in Pavia in the selection of photographic images that enrich the furnishings of the hospitalization spaces for the Palliative Care department. “We try in every way to improve the psychological conditions of patients, family members but also of our operators” explains Dr. Pietro Ferrari, head of Hospice 1 and Palliative Care of the Pavia centre. “For all those in a condition of fragility – continues Ferrari – or who spend a large part of their daily lives in close contact with suffering, such as healthcare personnel themselves, living in more welcoming environments is a very important cognitive and emotional stimulus”. The set-up will be presented on Sunday 28 May, on the occasion of National Relief Day. “In Pavia – underlines Chiara Maugeri, vice president of the Salvatore Maugeri Foundation – we present the set-up on the occasion of Relief Day, which we always celebrate with important initiatives, stopped only by the prescriptions set for the pandemic. This year we start again with a project born from the comparison with our professionals. Thanks to them we embellish the ward with the beautiful works of Luca Bernasconi, one of our doctors, with the passion and talent of photography”.

“In the ward where we live together with the patients and their families – underlines Luca Bernasconi, medical director and author of the thirty shots made available for the choice entrusted to the staff of the ICS Maugeri Boezio – the most important medicine is hope and these shots , portraits of elements of nature, flowers, plants, I believe they provide that sought-after benefit. For me it was a privilege to make my shots available. I believe the final work is a good result obtained with everyone’s support but we are only at the beginning The goal is to renew every year, with an increasingly broader participation of the audience of those who contribute to the choices for the final set-up”. (HANDLE).

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