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Because Of Smoking Too Many New Lung Cancer Diagnoses. Prevention must start from young people

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Accessibility statement

  • www.mondosanita.it
  • 28 March 2023

Compliance status

We strongly believe that the Internet should be available and accessible to everyone and we are committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of the individual user’s disabilities and abilities.

To achieve this, we aim to adhere as closely as possible to the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG 2.1) at the AA level. These guidelines explain how to make web content accessible to people with a range of disabilities. Compliance with these guidelines helps us ensure that the website is accessible to all people: blind people, people with motor disabilities, visual impairments, cognitive disabilities and more.

This site uses various technologies that aim to make it as accessible as possible at all times. We use an accessibility interface that allows people with specific disabilities to adapt the website’s user interface (user interface) and design it according to their personal needs.

Furthermore, the website uses an AI-based application that runs in the background and constantly optimizes the level of accessibility. This application corrects the HTML of the website, adapts its functionality and behavior for screen readers used by blind users and for keyboard functions used by people with motor disabilities.

If you’ve encountered a bug or have ideas for improvement, we’d be happy to hear from you. You can contact the site staff using the following e-mail address

Screen-reader and keyboard navigation

Our website implements the ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) attribute technique, along with various different behavioral changes, to ensure that blind users, visiting with screen-readers, are able to read, understand and enjoy the features of the website. As soon as a user with a screen-reader enters your site, they immediately receive a request to access their screen-reader profile so that they can navigate and use your site effectively. Here’s how our website covers some of the most important requirements for screen-readers, along with some examples of how keyboard shortcuts work:

  1. Optimization for Screen-readers: we run a background process that scans website components from top to bottom, to ensure continued compliance even as the site is updated. In this process, we provide screen readers with meaningful data using the ARIA attribute set. For example, we provide accurate form labels; descriptions for usable icons (social media icons, search icons, cart icons, etc.); validation guide for form inputs; roles of elements such as buttons, menus, modal dialogs (popups) and others. In addition, the background process scans all images on the website and provides an accurate and meaningful description based on the recognition of image objects such as ALT (alt text) tags for images that are not described. It will also extract the texts embedded in the image, using an OCR (optical character recognition) technology. To activate the screen reader adjustments at any time, users just need to press the key combination Alt+1. Screen reader users also receive automatic announcements to activate screen reader mode as soon as they enter the website.

    These adjustments are compatible with all popular screen readers, including JAWS and NVDA.

  2. Optimization for keyboard navigation:The background process also handles the HTML of the site and adds various behaviors using JavaScript code to make it keyboard friendly. This includes the ability to navigate using keys Tab e Maiusc+Tabuse the drop-down menus with i arrow keysclose them with Escactivate buttons and links using the key Enternavigate between radio button and checkbox elements using i arrow keys and confirm them with the space bar or key Enter. Additionally, keyboard users will find quick navigation and content-skipping menus available at any time by using the command Alt+1. The process can also be used for popups generated by the site. Active navigation will be focused on the popup which will thus be controllable with the methods seen previously.

    Users can also use shortcuts like “M” (menu), “H” (headers), “F” (moduli), “B” (buttons) and “G” (graphics) to jump to specific items.

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Disability profiles supported on our website

  • Safe mode for epilepsy: this profile allows people with epilepsy to use the website safely, eliminating the risk of seizures resulting from rapid or flashing animations and bright and too contrasty color combinations.
  • Blind Mode: this mode adjusts the website to facilitate the use of users with visual impairments such as visual impairment, tunnel vision, cataract, glaucoma and others.
  • Intellectual Disability Mode: this mode provides different assistance options to help users with cognitive disabilities such as dyslexia, autism, CVA and others, to focus more easily on the essential elements of the website.
  • ADHD mode: this mode helps users with ADHD and neurodevelopmental disorders read, navigate and concentrate more easily on the main elements of the website by significantly reducing distractions.
  • Users with blindness: this mode configures the website to be compatible with screen readers such as JAWS, NVDA, VoiceOver and TalkBack. A screen reader is software for blind users that is installed on a computer and smartphone, and websites must be compatible with it.
  • Keyboard navigation profile (with motor disabilities): this profile allows people with motor disabilities to browse the website using the Tab, Shift+Tab and Enter keys on the keyboard. Users can also use shortcuts such as “M” (menus), “H” (headers), “F” (forms), “B” (buttons), and “G” (graphics) to jump to specific items.

Further UI, design and readability tweaks

  1. Font Adjustments – users, can increase and decrease font size, change their family (type), adjust spacing, alignment, line height, and more.
  2. Color Adjustments – users can select various color contrast profiles such as light, dark, invert and monochrome. In addition, users can change the color schemes of titles, texts and backgrounds to their liking, with over 7 different coloring options.
  3. Animations – users with epilepsy can stop all running animations with the click of a button. Interface-controlled animations include videos, GIFs, and CSS flashing transitions.
  4. Content highlighting – users can choose to emphasize important elements such as links and titles. They can also choose to highlight only active or hovered items.
  5. Mute – Hearing aid users may experience headaches or other problems due to auto-playing audio. This option allows users to mute the entire website instantly.
  6. Cognitive disorders – we use a search engine linked to Wikipedia and Wiktionary, which allows people with cognitive impairment to decipher the meanings of sentences, acronyms, slang and more.
  7. Additional Features – we offer users the ability to change the color and size of the cursor, use a print mode, enable a virtual keyboard and many other functions.
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Compatibility with browsers and assistive technologies

Our goal is to support the widest possible range of browsers and assistive technologies, so that our users can choose the tools that work best for them, with the fewest limitations. Therefore, we have worked very hard to be able to support all major systems comprising more than 95% user market share, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera and Microsoft Edge, JAWS and NVDA (screen reader), both for Windows and for MAC users.

Notes, comments and feedback

Despite our best efforts to allow anyone to adapt the website to their needs, there may still be pages or sections that are not fully accessible or lack an adequate technological solution to make them accessible. However, we are continuously improving our accessibility, adding, updating and improving its options and features and developing and adopting new technologies. All this is aimed at achieving the optimal level of accessibility, following technological advances. For any need, please contact

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