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Between tweaks and punctures, aesthetic medicine in Pisa is experiencing a boom

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Doctor Roberto Amore: “Clients must not have surreal visions, the transition to” trash “is very fast”

PISA. Modern society, the lengthening of the average life span and globalization have determined in recent years a greater attention to the individual aesthetic aspect and a greater use of aesthetic medicine. According to the periodic surveys of the American Society of Plastic Surgery, aesthetic medical treatments annually undergo an increase of more than 200%. In recent years, in a nutshell, the so-called “punturine” have become for many women but also for many men on the agenda, something of ordinary administration, an integral part of the daily care of one’s body, such as styling the hair, decorating your nails or do a semi-permanent make-up.

However, beyond the more frivolous aspect of aesthetic medicine, there is a real science in continuous evolution made up of new knowledge on the aging process, on the possibility of regenerating the various tissues and on increasingly avant-garde and minimally invasive technologies. Research activity is extremely lively in this field, as is the search for training

To explain it to us is the doctor Roberto Amore, didactic director of the second level Master in aesthetic, regenerative and anti-aging medicine of the University of Verona. Dr. Amore has been dealing with medicine and cosmetic surgery for years: lecturer at the main university masters in the sector (Verona, Chieti, Rome, Palermo), director of the dissective anatomy course for anti-aging of the head and neck district at the Iclo institute in Verona is a world reference point in the study of subcutaneous adipose tissue. His numerous scientific articles on cellulite and localized adiposity constitute the reference bibliography of this sector. Doctor Amore has a studio in Pisa, at the Esculapio center in via Carducci in La Fontina, and has a clinic in Cecina, where doctors come from all over the world to learn the rudiments and techniques of this new medical discipline.

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Doctor Love, what is aesthetic medicine now?

«Aesthetic medicine is a new branch of medicine and as such is made up of theories, notions, scientific studies and, above all, a lot of clinical research. There are many still unexplored aspects of the aging, tissue regeneration and repair processes. Those who, like me, live aesthetic medicine full time know well that behind every single therapy, even the simplest, there are years of studies and research aimed at improving its effect, reducing the risk of adverse events and standardizing its use. (most effective technique for a certain type of defect). Aesthetic medicine is therefore a serious matter for the doctor, who must practice it with adequate knowledge and scientific rigor, and also for the patient who must not create false myths or have surreal or even distorted visions ».

When to resort to aesthetic medicine?

“Today you can be attractive even at the age of 70 and over. Aesthetic medicine knows no limits, it must accompany age by improving its appearance and reducing the inexorable process of aging without distorting its characteristics. There is no reference age to make use of it (obviously excluding majority age). A defect can be corrected when it occurs, regardless of age. Some subjects have congenital or juvenile defects such as a blemish, stretch marks or cellulite: why wait! ».

What to expect from the various treatments?

“Patients must have realistic and achievable expectations. In an age of Instagram super filters, updated versions of Photoshop, and crazy makeup, it’s easy to fall into excessive or unworkable demands. The transition from “retouched” to “trash” status is very fast. It is necessary to keep patients with their feet on the ground to avoid false expectations and remain disappointed as well as the fact that the individual characteristics of each of us are differentiating elements that make us unique in the world and therefore must be preserved. Therefore exalt and not distort ».

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Why did you choose Cecina and Pisa among the locations of your business?

«The bond with the territory is strong and the quality of life is excellent. I could not have done otherwise. I have traveled the world far and wide to learn and teach, and now the time has come to have a comfortable, stable and zero kilometer facility where I can receive colleagues from all over the world ».


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