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Blood pressure: values ​​and how to lower it after 60

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The measure of blood pressure plays an important role in health and, for this reason, it is necessary to check its values ​​regularly after i 60 years. Knowing the threshold not to be crossed is essential to stay in shape, while verifying it health state to normalize this data. In seniors the values ​​tend to increase due to the natural stiffness of the arterial blood vessels, which lose elasticity with the passage of time.

In other words, the values ​​of the systolic pressure always aiming upwards, implementing containment measures allows to slow down the aging process, maintaining excellent well-being for a long time. Removing even the specter ofhypertension, cardiovascular problems and stroke. There prevention plays a fundamental role, but what are the limits not to be exceeded?

Over 60, blood pressure: ideal values

Blood pressure must always show optimal values, especially after the age of 60, when the tonicity of the blood vessels is less. A rigidity that could favor a series of serious problems, which is why it is important to monitor the values ​​constantly. Especially because hypertension can be silent even for years, favoring a series of harmful consequences for the body.

For the well-being of the heart, the values ​​of Max pressure must oscillate between a minimum of 121 mmHg and a maximum of 147 mmHg, and from 83 mmHg to 91 mmHg for minimum pressure. We start talking about cardiovascular risk when blood pressure exceeds 115/75 mmHg and hypertension above 140/90 mmHg.

The increase in pressure must be monitored and managed with the support of the trusted doctor, who will be able to suggest the most suitable pharmacological solution. In concert with a review of lifestyle and usual habits, so as to embrace a healthier and more beneficial path for the heart itself.

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Irregular values, what to do and what is at risk

When hypertension occurs in the life of over 60s, it is important to remedy it immediately, especially if the values ​​exceed 140/90 mmHg, as already mentioned. If monitoring confirms hypertension, it is important to see your doctor who will first suggest a number of contrast strategies.

Starting with one diet review, which will be modified and accompanied by a healthier lifestyle, and al movement. As anticipated, hypertension is a problem that can be silent for a long time, even for decades, which is why it is important to intercept the bells and warning signs. Among these, the most common related to a sharp rise in pressure:

  • Sudden headache
  • Hearing ringing inside the ears
  • Physical sensation of having a heavy head
  • Dizziness and cold sweats.

A series of symptoms which is not to be underestimated because they could degenerate to increase, leading to headache with tinnitus and visual changes, including asthenia, dyspnea and even impotence. Not only that: also the low pressure must be monitored. It certainly creates fewer problems but is very present among the over 60s and, in particular, among those who take diuretics and have cardiovascular problems. Whether it is too high or too low it is necessary to communicate with the doctor, the only professional who can indicate the correct way to restore a good health condition.

Prevention and lifestyle, an important help

The prevention plays an important and supportive role for the well-being of the organism of over 60s: it goes through a series of daily checks pressure. Combined with a healthier lifestyle and a more balanced diet, supported by movement and fitness. An important mix able to regulate blood pressure without resorting to medicines and treatments. In fact, among the main causes of high blood pressure, we can include theobesity, followed by a sedentary lifestyle, alcohol and smoking, and diabetes. A low calorie but balanced diet could help, combined with somework out albeit bland.

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A food path low in fat and salt but rich in omega-3 and potassium could prove to be supportive, preferably in addition to energy foods useful to recharge the body while also losing the extra pounds. Lose weight but in the right way, with the support of a nutritionist who can define a personalized menu that takes into account the presence of any pathologies and medical needs. Do-it-yourself is always not recommended, because it does not help health: it is important to be supported by experts who can suggest the best way to final success.

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