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“Book of Travels” announced indefinite extension

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“Book of Travels”, a beautiful RPG game we introduced in the Indie Dependent series before, unfortunately suffered a second postponement. The game was originally expected to be released in the Early Access Zone on August 9th, but it was delayed until August 30th. Now, there is news of an indefinite postponement of the release.

The press releases we received from the media explained the reasons behind this decision. “It said: Might and Delight believe in working together to create games, and this includes our Beta testers. Thanks to their feedback, we have realized that “Book of Travels” is not what we want. We hope Can provide an early access game that can represent us, so we decided to postpone it again. The team is now working hard to stabilize the game.”

The statement continued: “We know how disappointing it is for those who want to play “The Book of Travel” and explore Braided Shore soon. Even so, we decided not to publish a new date. When we are completely We will announce the release time only when we are confident that it can be reached. I hope you can understand and thank you for your patience. When the new date is set, you will be able to join us and create your own story in the “Book of Travel”. “

Are you disappointed to hear that the game has been postponed again?

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