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cases of infection continue to rise

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cases of infection continue to rise

PADOVA – West Nile, cases of infection continue to rise. According to the latest updates of the Ulss 6 Euganea there is a cluster in Battaglia Terme and disinfestation will be carried out. In the province of Padua there are 73 people suffering from Nile Fever and a suspected case for which doctors are still investigating. There are 13 hospitalized patients, six in intensive care.

“A progressive expansion of the West Nile endemic outbreak is to be expected because the period of incidence of this arbovirus extends until September” He said Giorgio Palù, president of the Italian Medicines Agencyin an interview with Elisa Fais on the Gazzettino. «For West Nile virus we do not yet have a vaccine validated for human use or specific antivirals. So we have to rely on prevention and one-health virological surveillance, investigating not only human cases but also monitoring the environment: mosquitoes with traps and sentinel animals (birds, horses) with serial sampling ».

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