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The two heroes are rushing to the test, the gap is not small

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The two heroes are rushing to the test, the gap is not small

Original title: The two heroes rushed to the test, the gap is not small, Manchester United lost in the first round of the Premier League in the new season, Manchester City won

Reporter Yin Chengjun

In the Premier League opening match of the new season, the fate of the Manchester duo is very different. “Red Devils” Manchester United continued their sluggish state in previous seasons, losing 1:2 to Brighton, while defending champion “Blue Moon” Manchester City defeated 2:0 with two goals from new aid Haaland West Ham United. In fact, such a result was expected by many fans. The already scarred “Red Devils” could not completely get rid of the decline just by adjusting for more than a month in the summer. They should learn from their city rivals Manchester City, and persist in the long-term. Unremittingly find the personnel and tactical system that suits you.

Ten Hag suffers

In the first round of the Premier League that ended in the early morning of the 8th, Beijing time, the major giants basically returned with full rewards. Only Liverpool drew with Fulham, while Manchester United lost to Brighton and finished last in the traditional top six.

This game is also Manchester United new coach ten Hag’s Premier League debut. He has been one of the focal points of world football since his decision to move from Ajax to Old Trafford in May this year. Ten Hag’s selection, Ten Hag’s formation and Ten Hag’s tactics, every move attracted everyone’s attention.

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However, Manchester United’s failure to enter the Champions League group stage this season has become their hard injury. Therefore, in terms of signing new players, the “Red Devils” have not won the favor of too many big-name stars. Ten Hag’s favorite player De Jong also because of various Reasons for not being able to join as scheduled. The lack of signings has also made the team unstable. Ronaldo has been thinking about leaving Old Trafford, but no team is willing to accept it. So, when the new season arrives in a hurry, Manchester United and Ten Hag are not ready at all.

And to give Ten Hag a shot in the arm, United did quite well during the summer warm-up. Not only has a four-goal victory over Liverpool, but also a winning streak of several strong teams in the Premier League. Martial scored consecutive goals, Rashford and Sancho also had good performances, everything looked good, and Ten Hag was determined to temporarily give up Ronaldo’s starting lineup, a new lineup (actually Manchester United’s previous Team) is about to come out.

But the Premier League is pretty brutal. Ten Hag from Ajax knew this clearly on his debut. Maybe he underestimated Brighton, who was not well-known, so he capsized in the gutter, and suffered a lot.” Open the door to black.”

still familiar taste

In the 36th round of the Premier League last season, Manchester United lost to Brighton 0:4 away. Less than three months later, the revamped Manchester United encountered Brighton again, and the result was still a defeat.

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In this game, Martial, who had high expectations, was injured and missed the game, and Ten Hag still did not want to give Ronaldo a chance. Therefore, he let the newly joined frontcourt organizer Eriksen act as the center, and B Fei and McTominay also took turns to play as the single arrow. Dunn didn’t have much defensive pressure, and after continuous counterattacks, he even took a 2-0 lead in the first half.

Several Manchester United players have been disastrous. In particular, Fred, who was in charge of the organization in midfield, was overwhelmed and completely out of shape, and Rashford could not grasp the opportunity. It was not until Cristiano Ronaldo replaced Fred in the 60th minute, Eriksen retreated to organize, and Cristiano Ronaldo served as a traditional center, Manchester United did not get back on track. They forced Brighton into an own goal eight minutes later, but it was too late.

Does this scene seem familiar? Indeed, in the last season and last season, the “Red Devils” had too many acquaintances. Players on the field were completely out of shape, or played in unfamiliar positions, and had to play all the time. The final result can be imagined. Before the start of this season, players like Pogba who played by feeling and fluctuated in form had already left the team, but Manchester United still gave fans an old impression. In this regard, Ten Hag did not change completely.

Learn from rivals in the same city

In contrast, Manchester United’s city rivals Manchester City have been more successful in recent years. In this round of competition, the new aid Haaland lived up to expectations, scoring two goals alone to solve the game and integrating into the team well.

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Guardiola is indeed a world-class coach. Under his leadership, Manchester City continues to play steadily every year, and gradually improves and changes inadvertently.

This season, Manchester City spent a lot of money to sign Haaland. Guardiola, who was good at playing without striker, was still able to switch to traditional center forward tactics without showing any timidity. And Ten Hag changed to play without striker is a mess, Manchester City have too many things for Manchester United to learn.Return to Sohu, see more


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