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Children do not risk allergies with the flu during pregnancy – Medicine

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Children do not risk allergies with the flu during pregnancy – Medicine

(ANSA) – ROME – Children born to mothers who were vaccinated against the flu during pregnancy do not have a greater risk of developing allergies. Indeed, they may be protected against asthma. This is what emerges from a study coordinated by the University of Western Australia in Perth and

Influenza vaccination during pregnancy is recommended in many countries and there is strong evidence to support its safety, the researchers explain. “However, according to a recent systematic review, few studies have evaluated pediatric health outcomes beyond the first 6 months of life and some clinical evidence has suggested that exposure to maternal vaccination in utero may ‘activate’ the innate fetal immune system.” , it is read.

The study was created to dispel this doubt, involving 106,206 mothers and 124,760 children followed up to the age of five. 14,396 mothers had been vaccinated during pregnancy (11.5%). The research found no difference in the odds of developing allergic or autoimmune diseases (such as diabetes, celiac disease, juvenile arthritis) between children whose mothers had vaccinated when they were pregnant and those born to women who did not. Instead, he found differences in the rates of asthma and anaphylaxis, with a risk reduction among vaccinated people of about 30%. This protective effect, which the researchers say needs to be confirmed in further studies, was mostly seen with vaccination during the third trimester of pregnancy.

“These results – we read – confirm the safety of vaccines and support the continuation of the maternal vaccination programs and policies currently in force”.

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