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Cholesterol, how to keep it at bay: all the foods that can lower it

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Cholesterol, how to keep it at bay: all the foods that can lower it

Cholesterol, no joke: do you know that foods help lower it? Here are the golden foods that can’t be missing in the fridge!

Repeat until you drop that healthy eating and lots of exercise are the combo to stay healthy at any age, it’s now useless… because said and said! The point is that although the combo applies to everyone, there are differences. Each person experiences specific conditions, so it is necessary to take some precautions. A lifestyle that suits one person may not necessarily suit another. Especially when you take into account situations where you don’t have to joke, like the cholesterol. It is a big alarm bell, precisely because of its large impact on the population. We recommend what are the foods that lower it.

Cholesterol, the foods that lower it – Iigranata.it

Better than drugs? We cannot confirm this, because as already mentioned, everyone has their own pathologies and conditions. Therefore, if the doctor says that a therapy must be done, that must be followed to the letter. Of course, eating these foods before the situation escalates is the first step in ensuring optimal health. What is cholesterol, and why is it so bad? We’re talking fat in the blood, it blocks arteries, and it can be the beginning of a nightmare. From heart problems to fatigue of the rest of the organs, in short, eating well is salvation.

Second the Vascular Epidemiological Observatory about 35% of the population of the beautiful country has high cholesterol. This is somewhat expected given the goodness of many dishes, which however should not be avoided, but managed with balance. In fact, the point to highlight is that cholesterol is not to be eliminated, but to be contained, because there is good and bad. Did you know that normally the body produces 80% of it? And this happens for a certain function. Exactly, it’s for the building cells in our body. But the rest is done by the food!

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So, we give you some advice when you go shopping, buy products that contain it. Live by loving your body, and avoid contracting cardiovascular disease, because heart attack and stroke are among the most common diseases.

Cholesterol, here’s how to go shopping: recommended products

If you make one walk per day of at least half an hour, you’re already on your way to maintaining a state of well-being. Associate this wise and profitable choice with eating these products. These, in addition to being healthy, contain some specific properties that fight cholesterol. Health first of all, learn to love yourself by eating.

Cholesterol, foods that lower it – ilgranata.it

Why should we favor certain foods? Why the defined “good” cholesterol, HDL initialed, is the one that favors the purification of the organism, expelling the harmful one. They work for this function le high intensity lipoproteins, they transmit the excess fat from the walls of the vessels to the liver, eliminating it. What are golden foods?

Those who feed Vitamin A and C, that is, we are talking about two fundamental substances for the organism. First in the standings are the vegetables and legumes, they are the best answer to the containment of cholesterol. Chard, pumpkin, spinach, and lettuce are a panacea, but also almonds, walnuts, kiwis and lemons, all that is fruit and dried fruit. Then all the lean meats, i.e. white ones like chicken and turkey, and the blue fish, you can feast on Omega 3! So anchovies, mackerel, salmon, herring and cod are always a good choice.

Let’s not forget that they are another important source of omega 3 and oleic acid olive oil and linseed oil, undoubtedly the best to buy. They have an antioxidant action and are rich in Vitamin E. Also Whole grains help to contain cholesterol levels, and even the skim milk and low-fat yogurt. Finally, the last product to put in the cart amazes everyone, it’s the one you don’t expect.

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The latest product that promotes good cholesterol, as long as the doses are not exceeded, are the egg! Well, no more than 4 a week, they are a source of good cholesterol. Above all, it must cook the egg white well and leave the yolk more liquid, so as to have all the properties preserved and the necessary nutrients.

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