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Coronavirus in Italy, the Civil Protection bulletin (22 September)

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Coronavirus in Italy, the Civil Protection bulletin (22 September)

The bulletin of September 22, 2022

Coronavirus deaths were 60 in the last 24 hours. The usual bulletin of the Civil Protection and the Ministry of Health reports it. Yesterday there were 31. The increase in infections comes in the face of 22.527 newly infected. The currently positives are 412.735 against the 427.222 of yesterday. On the hospitalization front there was a reduction of 66 unit.

The situation in hospitals

I’m 3.350 people hospitalized in the ordinary wards of hospitals. In the intensive care wards they are, on the other hand, in 138 and, of these, 9 they entered the ICU within the past 24 hours. In home isolation they are in everything 409.247while the discharged and healed are equal to 21.651.859.

Swabs and positivity rate

The data on monitoring the epidemic comes in the face of 165.415 new tampons. The total number of swabs carried out thus comes to 245.504.802. The positivity rate is 13,6% (+0,9%) against 12.7% yesterday.

Yesterday and today

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Last 10 days

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The positives at Covid-19 Region by Region

Here is the data on people currently positive for Coronavirus region by region:

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