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Dead spots impede firefighting |  > – Guide

Status: 03/25/2023 10:33 a.m

No network: Although the network operators should ensure continuous reception throughout Germany by the end of 2022, the Internet connections in northern Germany often break down. Sometimes with serious consequences.

by Tobias Deckert

Especially in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania there are still many places where there is no or only a very weak mobile network. “These are the regions in which 2G coverage, i.e. limited telephony, is possible. But there is no data coverage,” says Fiete Wulff from the Federal Network Agency.

Fatal consequences for the fire brigade

The problem: There are often no radio masts in rural areas. Like in Dersekow near Greifswald. Here, the volunteer fire brigade has problems calling their comrades to the deployments in time. “Push messages don’t get through, the corresponding alarm app doesn’t work. When the rescue workers are sitting in the garden, they don’t notice anything,” complains firefighter Markus Krohn.

Advertising promises vs. reality

In some cases, however, the mobile phone providers in Dersekow promise a fast mobile Internet connection. The network quality for specific locations can be checked online, and Vodafone promises 5G. However, a market sample showed that there was no reception at all at a certain location. Vodafone now wants to check the mobile network coverage.

Special right of termination in the event of dead spots

From a legal point of view, dead spots have to be accepted by customers, but they come out of their contract with a special right of termination. “This is the case if the contract guarantees in writing that a certain network must be available,” says Klaus Schmiedek from the Mecklenburg-Western Pomeranian consumer advice center.

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Mobile operator fines

The Federal Network Agency has asked O2, Vodafone and Telekom to provide an overview of how good their network coverage is. The authorities are now checking the information. If providers actually do not provide sufficient reception, they face a fine of up to 50,000 euros per location.

Further information

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