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«Deaths doubled in 3 weeks, vaccine for the fragile. The Eris variant? It’s immunoevasive”

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«Deaths doubled in 3 weeks, vaccine for the fragile.  The Eris variant?  It’s immunoevasive”

“Our body recognizes the identikit of the coronavirus but it is also true that the virus has changed its face so it can still fool us”, summarizes Fabrizio Pregliasco, virologist at the University of Milan. The increase in Covid infections was expected, he says, but we also have very powerful weapons against this virus. In fact, in the last week 30,777 cases have been recorded, up 44.4% compared to 21,309 last week.

What precautions to take at this stage, then?

«It is important that frail people, i.e. the elderly and sick people, get swabbed immediately if they have symptoms of a respiratory infection, so that they can take antiviral drugs promptly»

Is this increase in infections worrying?

«No, it was expected. The virus changes and produces new variants that are immunoevasive.”

What does it mean?

«It means that our organism recognizes the identikit of the virus but the virus appears modified and therefore can evade checks upon entry. Eris and Pirola have the ability to be immunoevasive in the face of a hybrid immunity that we have developed.”

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Can you give us an example?

«The virus is like a thief who enters a house. Here that thief took off his mustache and put on glasses. We know he is a thief but he looks different than before.”

So our immunity no longer holds up?

«We have hybrid immunity, given by a mix of infections and vaccination. But after about six months the protection drops. So we have an incomplete immune response. Therefore, after more than six months, reinfection becomes more likely.”

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What numerical parameters should we observe in the coming days?

«Definitely the number of deaths. Because these new variants do not seem to produce a more severe disease but there are and will be serious cases among the elderly and frail. Up to three weeks there were 50 deaths from Covid per week, now there are over 100. In two weeks we must understand if and to what extent the infections that are developing today lead to serious cases and/or deaths. So we will see the impact of this increase in cases in two weeks”

What do you recommend?

«I recommend a convinced vaccination campaign for the elderly and frail. We need to give them their booster vaccination. And we must suggest vaccinating them against the flu too.”

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And what about masks?

«The use of a mask is important especially when we are symptomatic so as not to become spreaders and not infect us. If we go to visit grandfather and we have symptoms that could be those of Covid, we put on a mask. Hand hygiene is also always important.”


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