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Discover the Power of Heart Meditation for Balance and Detoxification

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<h1>Discover the Power of Heart Meditation for Balance and Detoxification</h1>

Meditation of the Heart: This is How the “Detox” Practice works to Find Balance

At the luxurious Merano Palace, guests come for the renowned 5-star detox experience. But beyond the spa wonders and the Revital method for longevity, other discoveries await visitors, offering healthy habits within everyone’s reach.

One of these discoveries is the detox diet loved by VIPs, politicians, and sportsmen from all over the world. Chef Günther Pirhofer, the author of the diet, prepares light yet tasty dishes that help purify guests from stress and bad eating habits.

In addition to the diet, guests can also explore the practice of meditation, specifically the “Meditation of the Heart.” This practice, recommended for optimal detox, starts with an energy awakening class. The class includes a seven-minute sequence of movements and correct breathing, accompanied by the music “Heart Chakra Meditation” by Karunesh or the meditation of the heart. These movements, resembling a dance, help decrease levels of psychophysical stress and promote inner serenity.

The daily performance of this active meditation, along with stretching the meridians and practicing Qi Gong, improves the circulation of vital energy, strengthens health, and centers the practitioner.

The Merano Palace also offers the Revital method, which provides wellness practices tailored to each individual. After a thorough medical visit, including a blood sample and dietary and aesthetic consultations, guests can benefit from various treatments such as the Robolex, which reshapes the body, and the Plasmozonic treatment, which improves skin elasticity.

Rooted in ancient Chinese medicine, the Revital method incorporates the five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Each element represents different dominant organs and manifests in physical and character traits. Understanding one’s prevailing element is crucial for personalizing the detox program.

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The Palace Merano also offers a cooking class where Chef Günther Pirhofer demonstrates how to prepare delicious and healthy dishes. By replacing salt with herbs and spices, and sugar with natural sweeteners like stevia, agave syrup, or honey, guests can fight cholesterol and hypertension while savoring the full flavors of fresh and cooked foods.

These discoveries at the Palace Merano, combined with personalized diets and physical activity recommendations, provide guests with a detox baggage to embark on a healthier lifestyle.

With the wonders of the Merano Palace, including detox practices, meditation, and healthy culinary experiences, guests can truly find balance and rejuvenation.

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