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do these 7 things and visit the ‘Blue Zones’

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do these 7 things and visit the ‘Blue Zones’

Can we live to be 100 in excellent health? According to some experts, absolutely yes. Here’s what they found.

Perhaps not everyone knows that there are places where many centenarians live. These geographic zones are called “Blue Zones”.


But most of all scholars have understood why some people manage to live long, healthy lives. Of course, there are many variables, but some experts have identified some common components.

Il term “Blue Zones”, among other things, was coined by a Belgian demographer (Michel Poulain), and a Sardinian epidemiologist (Gianni Pes); the two began marking with a blue pen in a map the places where the centenarians lived, and hence the name. There SardiniaMoreover, it turns out right between these areas where people live better and even beyond one hundred years.

All that remains is to find out – perhaps before moving to the splendid island – why some people “exceed the limits” of the average. Investigating more deeply, we will be able to understand many things and also make some reflections. Living more than 100 years is really possible, and the amazing thing is that it also seems very easy.

Living a long healthy life is possible, that’s where

The two professionals reveal where the Blue Zones are. In addition to two villages in Sardinia, if we want to live long we should move to one of these places: the island of Ikaria (Greece), the archipelago of islands of Okinawa (Japan) or the Nicoya peninsula (Costa Rica). Too far? Then we can really think about Sardinia.

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According to the Pes epidemiologist, just look at the data from a village, Villagrande Strisailiwhich counts approx 3 thousand inhabitants. Of these, 47 are centenarians. In another neighboring country, we find others 21 centenary in front of one population of about 800.

To understand the extraordinary nature of the thing, Pes explains that in the rest of Italy, out of 3,000 inhabitants, we find only 1 centenarian. Not only that: the older inhabitants of these two villages are equally distributed in both sexes. In general, however, we know that longevity is more marked in the female population.

So we are faced with a good question: why in Sardinia and in the other Blue Zones do people live better and more than 100 years? The answer is not unequivocal, of course, but the two experts give us many indications and many ideas to think about.

Anyone who wants to live 100 years can do it, if they do these simple things

In addition to the theories and findings of the two aforementioned experts, of course the issue is of global concern. Many scientists have carried out studies and are still looking for concrete answers. First, we need to specify that living as a centenarian as understood by researchers is not the mere achievement of a certain chronological age. The people they observed are not only very advanced in age, but they are healthy, active in the communityand enjoy a general psycho-physical well-being.

By comparing all the available data, the experts have outline of the guidelines that can really be taken as a starting point. First, they checked what kind of diet people over the age of 10 eat.

  • It emerged that generally the diet is made up of many vegetables from local cropsand many times produced with their own hands, that is, from a simple vegetable garden close to home.
  • The diet also appears daily consumption of legumesto the detriment of cheeses, eggs, meat and fish.
  • Generally people over the age of 10 they eat littlee in their diet there are no industrial, refined or sugary foods. Sweets are preferred only on rare occasions.
  • An exception is made by the centenary inhabitants of Sardiniawhich instead they often eat meat and cheese. But it’s about genuine, non-industrial products. The meat comes from animals kept as they once were, fed on grass and not from intensive farms.
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Already from these discoveries we can draw obvious conclusions. Perhaps consumerist “well-being” only benefits those who invented it. We should probably get closer to Nature and we would immediately feel the positive effects.

Indeed the same experts who are studying the phenomenon of super longevity have drawn up a series of recommendations. To live long, healthy and even happy lives, it might be enough to do these things.

  1. Don’t worry about chasing success: the secret is to live a “simple” life;
  2. Prefer food produced where you live
  3. Give importance to sociability and build solid relationships with family and acquaintances
  4. Feed your spirituality
  5. Always get some exercise even in old age: keeping a vegetable garden is an excellent example
  6. Respect life in all its forms
  7. Finding a “higher” purpose to existence, helping the community, never stop dreaming and having goals

Reading the list, it is clear that you don’t need a “magic elixir” to live a fulfilling, long and even healthy life. Even if we can’t move to one of the “Blue Paradises”, we can stop for a moment, take stock of our existence and who knows, maybe start changing something. Step by step, maybe we too will reach 100 years.

(the information in this article is for informational purposes only and concerns scientific studies or publications in medical journals. Therefore, they do not replace the consultation of a doctor or specialist, and should not be considered for formulating treatments or diagnoses)

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