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Do you suffer from insomnia? You can solve it easily with 3 natural remedies

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Do you suffer from insomnia?  You can solve it easily with 3 natural remedies

Do you suffer from insomnia and would do anything to sleep? Try adopting these three natural remedies and you will solve the problem easily.

Sleep disorders should never be underestimated because not sleeping enough can create problems for our body. The quality of life of a person who sleeps poorly or little is significantly reduced and they can become seriously ill. Not to mention the consequences that the lack of clarity of those who always sleep a few hours can have on study, work, and even in social relationships. In short, if going to bed at night makes us anxious because we already know we’re going through a hell of a night, between constant awakenings and difficulty falling asleep we have a serious problem to solve.

Insomnia is actually more common than we think, we often don’t pay attention to the first signs, citing excessive tiredness or stress, but in the long run, the resulting disorders can no longer be ignored. In the morning we wake up already tired and we drag ourselves all day without energy, carrying out our activities automatically without impulse. Not sleeping can also lead us to states of depression. It is clear that the first thing to do in such cases is to consult a doctor, who will advise adequately, perhaps even prescribing medications, but there are also very effective natural remedies.

How we can easily solve the problem of insomnia with natural remedies

30% of the population has an insomnia problem which increases with age, over the age of 50 the percentage reaches 50% apparently not sleeping is a problem for many! But what are the causes? Generally the main causes are cited by incorrect behaviors that stress our body: exposure to blue lights in the evening, consumption of stimulants such as caffeine or smoking. In short, all things that do not allow us to sleep adequately by changing our biological rhythm and inhibiting the production of melatonin so necessary for regular sleep.

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There are also other reasons that concern pathologies or drugs that are taken but in this case only the doctor can decide what to do if we do not have chronic pathologies and do not take drugs, there are three natural possibilities to regain our biological rhythm and sleep well finally!

Adenosine: it is a substance that our body produces and which regulates the rhythm of sleep; It works especially in cases of sleep disorders related to depression. Wisteria: it is an important amino acid for the nervous system and seems to have the ability to lower body temperature, thus sending the body a message: it’s time to sleep! It seems to promote deep sleep. Melatonin: it is the substance we know best, it is a hormone that our body produces through the pineal gland; it is able to regulate the sleep-wake cycle. As we age, the production of melatonin decreases, but not only that, bad behavior also lowers the production of this hormone.

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