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Doctors work up to 72 years of age, then retire

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Doctors work up to 72 years of age, then retire

The Italian government has approved an amendment to the Milleproroghe, extending the retirement age of doctors to 72 years old. The decision, which had sparked controversy among those in the medical field, was proposed by Luciano Ciocchetti and other Fdi deputies and has now been approved by the joint Constitutional Affairs and Budget Commissions of the Chamber.

The reformulated text states that “the companies of National Health Service, until 31 December 2025, may retain in service, at the request of the interested parties, the medical and healthcare managers employed by the National Health Service, in derogation of the limits set by article 15-novies of the legislative decree of 30 December 1992, n. 502, until reaching the age of seventy-two and in any case by the aforementioned date.”

The amendment also applies to medical and healthcare managers and university professors who carry out healthcare activities in medicine and surgery. However, those retained in service cannot maintain or assume top management positions of a complex or departmental structure. Additionally, top management positions at a general level are also off-limits for those retained in service.

The decision to extend the retirement age of doctors comes as a response to the shortage of medical personnel and the need to meet the training and tutoring needs of hired staff and doctors with specialist training contracts. While the move has been met with criticism from some in the medical community, it is seen as a necessary step to address the challenges facing the healthcare system in Italy.

The debate surrounding the retirement age of doctors is likely to continue, but for now, the amendment to extend the retirement age to 72 years old has been approved by the Italian government.

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