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Emergency room: Macerata and Civitanova full, absolute calm in other hospitals Surprise at the competition for anesthetists

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Emergency room: Macerata and Civitanova full, absolute calm in other hospitals Surprise at the competition for anesthetists

HEALTH – The two wards are stormed by patients, while there is no one elsewhere. With full-time contracts in 14 positions, 67 candidates presented themselves

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from Luca Patrassi

Three months ago the management of the Vasta 3 area had activated a negotiated procedure to outsource some hospital services, in particular for l’medical assistance in the emergency room of the hospitals of Macerata, Civitanova and Camerino, San Severino. The motivation at the time: “At present the only feasible solution to deal with the emergency, in order not to cause the interruption of a public service essential for the protection of public health, appears to be that of outsourcing the service as demonstrated also by the recourse to this extraordinary procedure by not only all the large areas of the Region but also by other contracting stations throughout the national territory ».

The announcement went deserted and today the protest reports and the data recorded by the Marche First Aid app say that the situation remains that of an emergency for the emergency rooms of Macerata and Civitanova and of absolute calm for Camerino, San Severino, Tolentino and Recanati.

first-aid-macerata_censoredJust look at the app at different times of the day and on different days to see that the medical staff of the emergency room of Macerata and Civitanova continue to face stressful situations, and patients continue to have to wait hours, while elsewhere stress seems to related to the search for patients.

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Today at 4.44 in Macerata 32 patients in the emergency room, twenty visiting and 12 waiting, in Civitanova 31 patients, 20 visiting and 11 waiting while in the other structures the only number is 0. Further specification on Macerata: two red codes, 7 yellow codes, the waits for the other codes were indicated between 4 and 5 hours. Well, however, the Region, and after the Vast Area 3, continues to talk about territorial and hospital services for everyone and to present public notices for fixed-term hires, for Cococo contracts, to which almost no one responds since no one accepts precarious positions , and poorly paid, in one of the professionally riskiest departments in the healthcare sector. The vision of the Av3 praetorian notice, if you want to read it, continues to give indications in this sense.

The first determines the one that authorizes the maintenance in service for another three years, until the age of 70, of theCivitanova hematologist Francesco Alesiani: the request came from the interested party, endorsed by Asur precisely because of the difficulties in finding specialists. Then a series of resignation of general practitioners. It starts with the resignation presented by Jacopo Brambatti, holder of a provisional primary care assignment in Treia. Voluntary resignation, for retirement from October 1st of Alberto Brambatti, general practitioner in Treia. Resignation from next October 1st for Gabriella Attiliprimary care doctor in Ripe San Ginesio, from 1 October for Costantino Gobbi pediatrician in Macerata. To enter, as a primary care doctor in Civitanova, is Sabrina Bambozzi.


The Civitanova hospital

A few numbers, the shortcomings detected within the AV3, as of last September 1st for the territorial health emergency: 9 assignments for 38 hours per week, each Potes di Macerata, 6 assignments for 38 hours per week, each Potes di Camerino, one assignment for 38 hours per week Potes di Civitanova. Then there is the admission of candidates to the public competition, based on qualifications and exams, for the full-time and permanent coverage of 14 positions as medical director in the discipline of Anesthesia and Intensive Care: there are 7 specialists and 60 postgraduates. It seems to deduce that when competitions are made for full-time positions, and not for fixed-term positions or as cococo, anesthetists are also there. Although in Av3 there is a further problem linked to the different workplaces which in some cases do not seem to arouse the enthusiasm of the candidates who prefer other hospitals when they can choose. Then, always indefinitely, there is the hiring of Beatrice Benedetti, winner of the competition for the Forensic Medicine profile. Then there are the public notices, on a fixed-term basis, for the search for specialists. Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health, then Orthopedics, Cardiology and Oncology.

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Camerino hospital short of doctors, the head of cardiology is sought


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