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Established the new Specialization Schools in Medicine and Palliative Care and in Occupational Medicine – University of Ferrara

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Established the new Specialization Schools in Medicine and Palliative Care and in Occupational Medicine – University of Ferrara

The educational offer of the University of Ferrara in the field of medical specializations is enriched by two new schools: the School in Occupational Medicine and that in Medicine and Palliative Care, established for the first time at a national level thanks to the contribution of Unife.

“We are proud of this recognition which enhances on the one hand the transversal skills in the field of palliative care e offers the territory and the citizen a service that is greatly needed. This result also enhances the investments made in recent years by our University in the didactic fieldhaving we were the first in Italy to offer teaching on the subject in our degree course in Medicine and Surgery – comments the Rector Laura Ramaciotti -. In particular, the establishment of the School of Medicine and Palliative Care confirms thatattention to the care and dignity of the person and his family for which our degree in Medicine and Surgery is increasingly characterized. This allows us to respond to the needs of families in our area with a network of highly specialized skills ensuring that indispensable connection from training to assistance. Finally, I would like to underline that the birth of these new specialization schools represents a collective success, made possible by the joint contribution of all the staff involved and by a fruitful interinstitutional collaboration. There concrete synergy between our University and the Local Health Authority of Ferrara testifies to a consolidated and fundamental relationship to offer advanced treatments to patients and the increasingly necessary professional updating of healthcare personnel “.

“It is with great pride that I welcome the Ministerial Note of full accreditation of our Medical Specialization Schools – says the Professor Stefano Pelucchi, Rector’s Delegate to specialization schools -. In particular, I am personally very satisfied with the accreditation of the new School of Medicine and Palliative Care: Unife is thus one of the seventeen Italian offices which the Ministry has allowed to activate. This result made use of the fundamental collaboration of the Health Department of the Veneto Region and the General and Health Departments of ULSS 3 (Serenissima) and 5 (Polesana), which also in this case have shown great sensitivity towards our University. A heartfelt thanks goes to the DGs and Health Departments of our reference companies, AOU and AUSL: Dr. Monica Calamai and Dr. Paola Bardasi have enthusiastically believed in the possibility of activating the School in addition to Medicine and Palliative Care. of Occupational Medicine. Also on this occasion I want to thank Dr. Patrizia Cariani and the Schools Office for their fundamental support. These two new schools thus further expand our post-graduate training offer for graduates in Medicine and Surgery “.

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Graduate School of Medicine and Palliative Care

Palliative care indicates in accordance with law no. 38 of March 15, 2010, “the set of therapeutic, diagnostic and assistance interventions, aimed at both the sick person and his family, aimed at the active and total care of patients whose underlying disease, characterized by an unstoppable evolution and a poor prognosis, does not respond more to specific treatments”.

Il palliative care sector has developed extensively in the last twenty years in Italy with assistance activities organized in local hospice and home companies involving various health professionals (oncologists, anesthetists, geriatricians, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, nurses). Training in this discipline has so far been addressed with university masters.

Starting from 2018, the Ministry of University has activated a technical table of expertscoordinated by Professor Guido Biasco of the University of Bologna, which was attended by sixteen Italian experts including the Professor Tiziana Bellini and Professor Luigi Grassi of Unife. The work produced by the panel was welcomed by the Ministry which finally approved the institution of the specialization school in medicine and palliative care in Italy, which will be activated in Unife.

The Unife graduate school will be activated in the next academic year 2022-23 under the discipline of Anesthesia and Resuscitation.

“It is a great success – says the Professor Bellini – in line with thedidactic commitment in palliative care, an area of ​​fundamental importance for doctors. About this area For years, the University of Ferrara was the first in Italy to activate specific compulsory teaching with vocational training credits for sixth year students of Medicine and Surgery in the specific field of pain therapy (Prof. Carlo Alberto Volta, Prof. Riccardo Ragazzi, Dr. Teresa Matarazzo), geriatrics (Prof. Stefano Volpato), end of life care (Dr. Loretta Gulmini) and psychosocial approach (Prof. Luigi Grassi). This with the aim of preparing them already during the degree course in issues that today more than ever must be an integral part of the training curriculum of every doctor “.

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The teaching topics concern the different aspects that the WHO indicates for palliative care in order to acquire all the skills for an “approach that improves the quality of life of patients and their families who are faced with problems associated with incurable diseases. , through the prevention and relief of suffering through early identification and optimal treatment of pain and other problems of a physical, psychological, social and spiritual nature “.

“The perspective in which we have moved and on we have fought” – underlines the Professor Grassiauthor of a recent book on psychosocial care in palliative medicine – is that of a structured discipline now finally also in Italy as a wide-ranging medical specialization that certainly must concern the end of life, pain therapy and care for the needs of individuals and families in the advanced stages of the diseasebut more generally the role of palliative medicine understood in a multidisciplinary and biopsychosocial sense, in all chronic pathologies. The concept of palliation must be destigmatized to understand that branch of medicine that intervenes not only at the end of life, but which acts more broadly on the suffering of sick people and their families in all chronic diseases, including geriatric, cardiological, neurological ones. , psychiatric “.

Postgraduate School of Occupational Medicine

This School is also activated thanks to the arrival of two new teachers in the sector: the Professor Stefano Mattioli (Formerly Full Professor of the University of Bologna) and the Professor Nicola Murgia (Associate from the University of Perugia). The two teachers, in agreement with the AUSL of Ferrara, gave life to the proposal which was accepted by the Ministry and which is based on a training network linked not only to the Cona hospital and other hospitals in the provincebut also at territorial health structures, such as the Prevention Department. Trainees will be able to learn about the different tasks of the occupational doctor during the course years: health promotion, prevention of occupational accidents and diseases, collaboration with employers and workers to promote safe and healthy work. The presence of the School will therefore enrich the University and the Health Authorities of Ferrara with a nucleus of doctors capable of improving the lives of those who work, in our Province and in the rest of the country.

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