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Fabrizio Corona trains in the gym before the evening at Donoma Fiorello’s last show at Rossini

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CIVITANOVA – Many VIPs in the city this weekend. Yesterday there was also Amadeus, a guest in the theater. Today the former paparazzo will attend the reopening of the downtown disco together with Aida Yespica

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Fabrizio Corona between Gianluca Berdini and William Marcantoni of the Corallo gym

Vip parade in Civitanova, Amadeus visits his friend Fiorello and Fabrizio Corona trains at the Corallo gym (in the photos Federico De Marco) . High-intensity weekend of social life in Civitanova thanks to the presence of the Fiorello show which ends this evening after 4 evenings at the Rossini theater. Surprisingly yesterday Amadeus also arrived in the theater with whom the showman conducted Sanremo.


Amadeus at Rossini for his friend Fiorello with the mayor Ciarapica

At the Corallo gym in the afternoon, instead, Fabrizio Corona peeped out for a high intensity workout. The former paparazzo is expected tonight at the inauguration of the new management of the Donoma by Daniele Angelini and will attend the reopening of the restaurant.

In the afternoon, however, he did not want to miss his training session and guided by the coaches Gianluca Berdini and William Marcantoni, owner of the gym, he trained for about an hour before the appointment with the night of the Donoma dwhere Aida Yespica will also arrive. Riccardo Croci, Italian finalist of Mister Olympia, was also among the guests of the gym. Corona just arrived at the gym requested a beauty treatment and then went to the weight room.

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The Fiorello show at the Rossini



Laughter with Fiorello dusted off the porn case palms “Mayor, I was hoping to find them”

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