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From tests to ad hoc centers, 7 actions to cure ovarian cancer – Medicine

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From tests to ad hoc centers, 7 actions to cure ovarian cancer – Medicine

(see “Ovarian cancer 7 times out of 10…” at 4.01pm) Increase information to promote more informed treatment choices, support research for early diagnosis, open up to genomic tests to make personalized treatments possible: These are some of the 7 actions contained in the Acto 2.0 Manifesto to improve the care of women with ovarian cancer, presented to the Ministry of Health in view of World Gynecological Cancer Day, which falls on 20 September.

Only 27% of patients, according to a survey by Acto (Alliance against Ovarian Cancer) Italy, declare that they have chosen their center based on its specialization in ovarian cancer. “This is a central aspect especially when we talk about surgical treatment, which today – states Giovanni Scambia, director of the Uoc Gynecology Oncology Policlinico Gemelli Iccs in Rome – represents the therapy of choice in all phases of the disease”.

“It is necessary and urgent to promote a new change of direction in the management of ovarian cancer – states Nicoletta Cerana, president of Acto Italia – also starting from the assumption that people live longer even with ovarian cancer, consequently it has become necessary to take care of the person, as well as curing the disease.”

The journey through the disease, from diagnosis to treatment, can be difficult and painful, as actress Nancy Brilli, who spoke as godmother at the presentation of the white paper, supported by Roche and GSK, knows well. “I have always suffered from endometriosis, then – she says – I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I was happy to join the project to help give voice to the needs of women with this neoplasm, their stories and what they mean”.

“What we try to do with our movement, which brings together 45 associations – concludes Annamaria Mancuso, president of Salute Donna and coordinator of the group ‘Health: an asset to be defended, a right to be promoted’ – is to ensure that the services travel at the same speed as science, to improve the lives of those who have to fight cancer.”

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